Lutum is the last man alive after a plague has swept the Earth clean of almost all life. Luckily, you have a bird to talk to. Unluckily, he doesn’t seem to think much of you.

My Friend is a Raven follows Lutum on a trip back to his apartment. May as well check the place out for old time’s sake, right? Plus it’s not like you’ve got a lot going on since the whole world is basically burnt out and humanity’s been extinguished. No sense in hurrying for anyone. Once Lutum is at his apartment, he can make contact with a chatty raven who’ll serve as your only friend. Or at least an acquaintance. You really can’t be picky about your conversation partner these days.

The raven can be a bit demanding of you, expecting more than the paltry offering of seeds you have for it. To get what it asks for (and complete a handful of other tasks), you’ll explore, find items, and solve puzzles. Depending on how well you do all of these things, you can unlock a couple of different endings. Hopefully something where you and your feathered friend walk hand-in-wing into the sunset, though.

My Friend is a Raven offers a filthy, oppressive world to explore with its art style, creating a real sense of sickness and disgust at the state of it all. It’s a grimy, sickening place, yet something about the raven seems a little friendly (yet cranky) within it. It really brings the whole game together, but you can see that for yourself for the big price of $0 right now.

My Friend is a Raven is available for free on

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