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Trailer Tuesday – Six Minutes of Venus

Trailer Tuesday sees us translating for strange visitors, making tiny towns out of hexes, and plays a little pachinko with some goblins this week.   Tôtem  “Something strange has appeared on… The post Trailer Tuesday – Six Minutes of… Continue Reading →

‘Grimoire Groves’ – Fast, Deadly Flower-Filled Action

Grimoire Groves takes the feelings of a good action game – the thrill, suspense, the quick attacks –  and puts them towards non-violent means: planting and helping flowers. When it comes to… The post ‘Grimoire Groves’ – Fast, Deadly Flower-Filled… Continue Reading →

‘Sunny Side’ Lets You Farm, Fish, Explore, & Date in a Small Town

Sunny Side is a slice of life farming adventure game filled with side activities and many different townsfolk you can meet, chat up, and romance. It’s no surprise that I love open… The post ‘Sunny Side’ Lets You Farm, Fish,… Continue Reading →

‘Cantata’ – A Strategy Game Where the Planet is an Enemy

Cantata sees either humans, aliens, or machines battling for supremacy on a new planet. The planet itself seems like it doesn’t want any of you to win, though. Each faction has their… The post ‘Cantata’ – A Strategy Game Where… Continue Reading →

‘Pocket Oasis’ Carves Out a Place for you to Decorate and Garden

Pocket Oasis is a cute hand-painted game where you can take care of plants and decorate your own little world overlooking a quiet city. I love adorable games that give you time… The post ‘Pocket Oasis’ Carves Out a Place… Continue Reading →

Trailer Tuesday – By the Stupid Fear Orchard

Trailer Tuesday sees us tending pixel art apple trees, shooting chess pieces after a poor game, and freely explores a cute world while carried along on the wind.   Bit Orchard … The post Trailer Tuesday – By the Stupid… Continue Reading →

‘Citizen Sleeper’ – A Cyberpunk Look at the Punishments of Poverty

Citizen Sleeper casts you as a consciousness in an artificial body, tasking you with doing what you can to keep that body running in a world in crisis. You awaken in this… The post ‘Citizen Sleeper’ – A Cyberpunk Look… Continue Reading →

‘Screaming Loaf’ Shouts to Stop From Becoming a Sandwich

Screaming Loaf has you helping a bunch of bread stop food from turning it into a sandwich. By shouting really loud. Have you ever startled jam to death before? If you are… The post ‘Screaming Loaf’ Shouts to Stop From… Continue Reading →

‘WIGGLESMITH’ Uses Wobbly Limbs to Cobble Together Weaponry

WIGGLESMITH sees monsters rushing toward the town, and you need weapons to defend it. You just need to use your wiggly arms to forge them. A variety of creatures are rushing towards… The post ‘WIGGLESMITH’ Uses Wobbly Limbs to Cobble… Continue Reading →

‘Reversary’ Makes You Play as the Colossal Boss Monster

Reversary gives you control of a giant boss, having you fight a persistent warrior who keeps leveling up and coming back stronger. Being a gigantic boss seems like it has its perks,… The post ‘Reversary’ Makes You Play as the… Continue Reading →

Trailer Tuesday – The Astral Abyss Ghost

Trailer Tuesday wants you to put some cubes together, ring magic bells, and float along to ethereal beats through dreamy landscapes this week.   Subcube  “The goal is to construct cubes… The post Trailer Tuesday – The Astral Abyss… Continue Reading →

‘Alghrab’ Earns Prophecies By Beating a Bird at a Card Game

Alghrab pits you against a mouthy crow at the bird’s own card game. Win and you get a prophecy. Lose, and it’ll relentlessly tease you. In the realm of digital games with… The post ‘Alghrab’ Earns Prophecies By Beating a… Continue Reading →

‘Screaming Loaf’ is very silly platformer

If you are looking for a wacky puzzle platformer, Screaming Loaf is something unlike anything I have ever seen. I had stumbled upon this game at Insomnia, where I found that I… The post ‘Screaming Loaf’ is very silly platformer… Continue Reading →

‘SCHiM’ Hops From Shadow to Shadow to Find Your Way Home

SCHiM has you playing as a spirit that is looking to reattach to their proper object, but can only move in the shadows of others on the way there. As a SCHiM… The post ‘SCHiM’ Hops From Shadow to Shadow… Continue Reading →

‘FRANKEN’ – A Delightfully Ridiculous Bite-Sized RPG Adventure

FRANKEN pits you against goofy creatures and evil jerk knights in your quest to save the world. Which you can probably pull off over your lunch break. The world’s in trouble, and… The post ‘FRANKEN’ – A Delightfully Ridiculous Bite-Sized… Continue Reading →

‘Ayo the Clown’ Platforms Through Playful, Colorful Worlds of Toys

Ayo the Clown may be the first game that made me feel that a shark (that was in the middle of trying to bite me) was adorable. It’s a pretty cute platformer…. The post ‘Ayo the Clown’ Platforms Through Playful,… Continue Reading →

Trailer Tuesday – Lorelai’s Lost Lovely Veins

Trailer Tuesday gets a bit of blood on the carpet while redecorating, investigates death and dancing robots, and finds trouble surviving this week.   The Lovely Estate  “You’re here to get… The post Trailer Tuesday – Lorelai’s Lost Lovely… Continue Reading →

‘Time on Frog Island’ Helps Froggy Pals at Your Own Pace

Time on Frog Island sees you shipwrecked on a world full of frogs, many of whom need you and your little plant buddy to help them in some way. This is a… The post ‘Time on Frog Island’ Helps Froggy… Continue Reading →

‘Freshly Frosted’ Guides Donuts Down Puzzling Conveyor Belts

In Freshly Frosted, you get to control conveyor belts that then take the donuts on their journey to be frosted and packaged away. There is something super satisfying about watching donuts be… The post ‘Freshly Frosted’ Guides Donuts Down Puzzling… Continue Reading →

‘Sopa’ Spends (Limited) Time Making Soup With Your Grandmother

Sopa brings you into a wacky and heartwarming world where you help your grandmother make a simple soup together. Many people have memories of cooking something delicious with their grandmother. There is… The post ‘Sopa’ Spends (Limited) Time Making Soup… Continue Reading →

‘A Guidebook of Babel’ Replays Puzzling Days Until You Get Them Right

A Guidebook of Babel asks you to work through silly, puzzling situations, but if you get them wrong, the day repeats to give you another chance to get things right. The game… The post ‘A Guidebook of Babel’ Replays Puzzling… Continue Reading →

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