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Trailer Tuesday – The Hyper Animal God Feast

Trailer Tuesday plays a little volleyball with firearms, mixes up chess with a fighting game, and has an uncomfortable dinner with family this week.   God Damn The Garden  “The FPS… The post Trailer Tuesday – The Hyper Animal… Continue Reading →

‘Regular Home Renovation Simulator’ – Fearful Fixer-Upper

Regular Home Renovation Simulator needs you to fix the sockets, replace the flooring, patch some holes, and do other, normal, safe repair jobs around the home. You’re working at an old house… The post ‘Regular Home Renovation Simulator’ – Fearful… Continue Reading →

‘Vacation Island’ Sees an Island Through an Unsettling Perspective

Vacation Island has you collecting souls and people in an eerie old island town, and all while looking out at the world from the inside of a monstrous head. You just need… The post ‘Vacation Island’ Sees an Island Through… Continue Reading →

‘Lighthouse of the Dead’ – A Goopy, Gory, Arcade-y Rail Shooter

Lighthouse of the Dead is a bloody rail shooter in the tradition of other dead domiciles, tasking you blasting things into piles of teeth and eyeballs. Hanging out in swamps filled with… The post ‘Lighthouse of the Dead’ – A… Continue Reading →

‘The Lost Night’ Shoots Spirits to Keep From Being Swept Away

In The Lost Night, you’re a spirit trying to get home, but evil beings are trying to drag you away to an awful fate. Unless you blast them to pieces, I guess…. The post ‘The Lost Night’ Shoots Spirits to… Continue Reading →

Trailer Tuesday – Mimic the Fury Dance

This week, Trailer Tuesday tries to overcome something that mimics you, reunites a spirit band, and builds some wacky robots to dance with.   Mirror Forge  “Roam between realities of fear,… The post Trailer Tuesday – Mimic the Fury… Continue Reading →

Forlorn is a Lonesome Adventure Through a Fallen Society

Forlorn is a memorable, short adventure game, currently at only a demo’s length, but it’s still totally worth your time if you enjoy atmospheric worldbuilding. A 2D adventure game that bursts into… The post Forlorn is a Lonesome Adventure Through… Continue Reading →

IGPlus’ Indie Game of the Year 2022 – ‘What’s up in a Kharkiv bomb shelter’

What’s up in a Kharkiv bomb shelter – a look at the horror, humor, and humanity of life under bombardment  – is our Indie Game of the Year for 2022. CONTENT WARNING… The post IGPlus’ Indie Game of the Year… Continue Reading →

IGPlus’ Best Indie Games of 2022

The Best Indie Games of 2022 see us reshaping our existence through death, discovering importance of how we spend our time with others, and explore the importance of a single word.  … The post IGPlus’ Best Indie Games of 2022… Continue Reading →

‘Afternoon Spaghetti’ Hides Silly Secrets in the Refrigerator

Afternoon Spaghetti asks you to help a pal make something delicious for supper. It just needs one more ingredient, if you don’t mind grabbing it. You head to a buddy’s house just… The post ‘Afternoon Spaghetti’ Hides Silly Secrets in… Continue Reading →

Trailer Tuesday – The Tricky Bouncer Planet

Trailer Tuesday doesn’t come back from a trip to the moon, makes spaceships battle with medieval weaponry, and tries to become the best tap dancer this week.   Space Wreck  “A… The post Trailer Tuesday – The Tricky Bouncer… Continue Reading →

‘There Are Ghosts In These Stalls’ Finds Scares on the Toilet

There Are Ghosts In These Stalls captures the fears that can come while stuck in a public bathroom stall (although they’re a bit more supernatural in nature, here). You’re trapped in a… The post ‘There Are Ghosts In These Stalls’… Continue Reading →

‘Wayward Strand’ Pieces Fleeting Personal Stories Together

Wayward Strand follows the personal stories of patients in a floating hospital. As for whose story, that all depends on where you go and who you talk to. Casey, a young journalist,… The post ‘Wayward Strand’ Pieces Fleeting Personal Stories… Continue Reading →

‘MOFUMOFUSENSEN’ – An Animal Fighter That Punishes Constant Blocking

MOFUMOFUSENSEN may be filled with animal warriors, but there’s no turtling allowed in this fighter. Block too much and you’ll find your defensive options breaking down. The game features an impressive-looking cast… The post ‘MOFUMOFUSENSEN’ – An Animal Fighter That… Continue Reading →

‘Batty Zabella’ is a Goofy, Yet Gloomy, Adventure Game

Batty Zabella certainly seems inspired by certain horror hostesses as it has you solving puzzles to feed bat-boys and avoid the spooky phantoms in your home. Batty’s dear Husbano has gone missing,… The post ‘Batty Zabella’ is a Goofy, Yet… Continue Reading →

Trailer Tuesday – Great Antique Soup Study

Trailer Tuesday sees us helping birds deliver the mail, dealing with spooky antiques that won’t sit still, and harvesting DNA for our research this week.   Postbird in Provence  “Hop on… The post Trailer Tuesday – Great Antique Soup… Continue Reading →

‘Spirittea’ Finds Business Opportunities in Helping Lost Souls

In Spirittea, you come to a smaller town. However, this town is full of spirits that only you can see – ones that need a little bit of help to move on…. The post ‘Spirittea’ Finds Business Opportunities in Helping… Continue Reading →

‘Torii’ Wrestles With the Frustrations and Rage of Grief

Torii sends you on a thoughtful journey through a striking world, but your steps through this place are infused with a purposeful, angering difficulty. Ipa’s sister, Lulu, has passed on. You can… The post ‘Torii’ Wrestles With the Frustrations and… Continue Reading →

‘Sleep Swimmer’ Relaxes by Collecting Sounds Under the Sea

Sleep Swimmer escapes from the hectic pace of everyday life to a world under the sea, collecting sounds and helping people to wile the days away. We often find themselves overwhelmed in… The post ‘Sleep Swimmer’ Relaxes by Collecting Sounds… Continue Reading →

‘MapFriend’ Hides Scary Secrets in an Aging Navigation Program

MapFriend wants you to take a look around a new place and learn about it through an older navigation program. Although you may not like what you find. The game opens with… The post ‘MapFriend’ Hides Scary Secrets in an… Continue Reading →

Trailer Tuesday – Stop the Little Super Goblins

Trailer Tuesday helps zombies find new body parts, tries to organize your house while a cat makes it difficult, and throws rocks at goblins this week.   Saiko no sutoka Halloween Edition… The post Trailer Tuesday – Stop the Little… Continue Reading →

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