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AzDimension announces release of the game "Axilon: Legend of the Artifacts – Prologue"

AzDimension company announces release of the game Axilon: The Legend of Artifacts - Prologue "- the studio's first experience in the development of action RPGs in a fantasy world.

0.69 goes live and Halloween is back for a visit

Another update goes live! Main focus has been to fix a couple of issues and refine building placement.

Lost Memories: Ghosts of the Past story

The story of the project i am working on, Lost Memories: Ghosts of the Past.

Wager has launched on!

The dice-based roguelite has made it's way to itch!

Inspiration Reality VS In game

I live in Thailand and my inspiration is coming from around me. Many details I see inspires me and I add them into the game to match the reality. Here are some examples with the original picture I have taken,… Continue Reading →

8 things we added to our roguelike!

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the first Monster Path devlog on indieDB. Monster Path is a roguelike on rails where you must travel from west to east on a system of randomly generated roads, while avoiding the enemies chasing you,… Continue Reading →

New Space Stations and Fortresses

Hey everyone, we haven't been posting for quite a long time, but the development is progressing. Here is some stuff we've been working on - a Space Station, a Radio Station, a Flying Fortress, and a Merchant Ship. Feedback is… Continue Reading →

Prometheus Wept Demo Released!

After over two years of development, the demo for Prometheus Wept, from the studio that brought you Vigilantes, is available on Indie DB.

Say hello to the whole Saturated Space!

Having analyzed everything, we realized that the game has a lot to be fulfilled and there was no need to talk about all the changes in the technical part which have been done up to this date. Since the last… Continue Reading →

The process of creating art and game mechanics

Hey! In this devlog we will tell you about the process of creating art in our game, share a few examples of work and tell you about several updates made.

The treasure of the Moonlight Lake

200 years ago, a meteorite fell on the world and triggered the gift of magic in some people. Humanity split into three fractions. There was a battle over the meteor, from which the church emerged victorious and from then on… Continue Reading →

Seegurkotchi – Sea Cucumber Pet Simulator

Finally, here comes the ultimate pet simulator with a sea cucumber! For all those who have always wanted a sea cucumber as a pet! Decide between 3 different, lovingly designed sea cucumbers. Every sea cucumber is unique and has different… Continue Reading →

The Forgotten City is 20% off on Steam for 24 hours!

The Forgotten City is 20% off for 24 hours on Steam!

A Swift’s Life 2 – The Journey

Experience the extraordinary story of a couple of outcasts who seek their fortune far away. Linear story with humorous dialogues and many things to discover. No previous knowledge is required, even though this is a sequel.

A swift’s life

You are a common swift that can no longer fly. Now you are forced to explore the city from below and have to watch out for all kinds of dangers.

Helena Devlog #24 – We’ve Updated the Gameplay Trailer

You still got some popcorn left from last time? 'Cause the trailer's a whole lot better now!

Blood Splatter WIP

Blood effects are essential visuals of combat so I'm working on improving them. Recently I had a solution with dynamic blood wounds - in future I'll try to unite these two solutions.

M3 Halftrack nearly complete and in bound soon!

Xoom passes on developer's notes on the M3 halftrack and catch up on what armored personnel carriers will mean to WWII Online. Links are attached to the end of the article for comments in specific forums.

Devlog #103: gamepad-related stuff progress

Good news - it seems I managed to finish adding controller support!

Developer Diary #2

Hey! In this devlog we will tell you about the process of creating art in our game, share a few examples of work and tell you about several updates made.

Trenches, A Horror Survival WW1 Game Just Got A New Update!

Trenches just got a new update with better visuals, higher quality models and much more! Do you have what it takes to go to war in a WW1 trench?

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