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8-Bit Adventures 2 Twitter Showcase Round-Up #3 + Mini-Trailer!

For the past couple of months, I've been sharing info, screenshots, and music samples from 8-Bit Adventures 2 on social media. So I've gathered the third lot together for IndieDB!

Cute and cozy garden sandbox Garden In! announce release date and a brand new trailer!

Cozy gardening simulator Garden In! arrives on PCs on January 26 with greenhouses full of seedlings and plants to satisfy your greenthumb cravings

Demo of World of Turtle available

World of Turtle is set to release on Steam within a couple days, but already you can play the demo on Check it out now!

Steam keys for Land of Towers creators at Woovit

We're giving out Steam keys for Land of Towers to qualified creators at Woovit.

Arcane Vale 0.1.4 is now live on Steam! New hotbar system + equippable ammo

I am extremely happy to be moving version 0.1.4 from testing to live today! This update includes the highly requested hotbar system, a new dedicated ammo slot in the equipment screen, and several bug fixes.

Pirates Of Pangea — Land & Sea Survival

Ahoy there! This is captain Anne. Gamedev from Pangea Game Studios. Pleased to introduce "Pirates of Pangea", an ocean survival/combat/base-building game (to be released this year) to the community.

Aquatico dev diary – Expeditions and exploration

The fifth developer video is here, and we're talking about Expeditions this time, a non-essential feature in Aquatico, but fun nonetheless. Plus, expeditions can bring your colony some nice and useful resources…

RTS Unit Abilities: Video Devlog 37

The thirty-seventh devlog of Deterrence. In this log, the game gets new mechanized units, a barrage ability, and some bug fixes.

Complete town screen and battle screen

I've completed the first town screen with all the creature dwellings, and have started working on the battle screen.

The edge of the world – The Starving Tournament devlog

The new update 0.77 of the Starving Tournament with new features and: The Energy Shield to prevent players from falling out of the arena

Future Plans

Many people have been asking us about our future update plans and about the current state of the game. We've written up a blog post about what is coming in the near future for everyone to enjoy! Thanks as always… Continue Reading →

Omega Warp Demo Out Now

2D sci-fi themed action-adventure gets a Steam demo

On the upcoming version (0.86)

Curved blocks, local area effects adjustments and resource demand for residential buildings adjusted

1st anniversary: 50% off + Roadmap 2023

Black one Blood Brothers is celebrating his first anniversary. 50% off + Roadmap 2023

New year and new demo for ‘Gods From The Abyss’

New updated demo for 'Gods from the Abyss', with a new type of enemy!

Essscape! Pc Software Released

Features: Smooth, fast OpenGL renderer. Increasingly challenging levels Built in tutorial mode Thought provoking gameplay Forfeit button! If you get stuck ( one per game ) Power-ups, game extensions Obstacles, cameras, spiders, cops, traps, timers, switches and more! Installer/Uninstaller

Devlog 3 – Dreadzone

Few days late with the update sorry about that, been pretty sick the past few days and still not feeling good.

Miolhr Lime

Welcome back Miolhrians!Miolhrians 20.8.6 Update is coming with the NEW YEAR with some fixes and updates. so…we should release it for testing a bit early?…

Toxic Steampunk Ship

Hey, take a look at a new enemy ship of the Galactic Federation faction from Solar Sails: Space Pirates - and help us give it a name!

JetSet Airport manager game

An airport and airline manager game where the player runs and manages an airport as well as an airline.

DevLog: Navigating Complex Structures

Taking a closer look on how base building requires re-thinking some systems such as multistory buildings and even controlling your character.

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