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Carnival Hunt – Beta Sign Up

Beta sign ups are now live for Carnival Hunt, an asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game where four frightened little clockwork bunnies attempt to escape from a bloodthirsty carnival monster. Taking place inside a twisted carnival, Carnival Hunt pits four clockwork… Continue Reading →

Doki Doki Ninjin – Gamę Jam Build

Doki Doki Ninjin is a wonderfully wholesome Super Mario Bros. 2 inspired platforming adventure that’s actually better than Mario’s outing in pretty much every way. Created for Ludum Dare 52, the gameplay in Doki Doki Ninjin is pretty similar to… Continue Reading →

Age of Cards: Ra’s Chess – Beta Sign Up

Age of Cards: Ra’s Chess is a Chess inspired card-based turn-based strategy game where Ra attempts to lift a curse that’s trapped Anubis and Frejya in purgatory. In Age of Cards: Ra’s Chess you will face off against other players… Continue Reading →

Time to Morp – Open Beta

Time to Morp is a quirky colony building/farming/production line sim where you catch, breed and take care of adorable alien creatures which have unique skills that can help your colony thrive. Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Alpha… Continue Reading →

He Who Watches – Alpha Demo

He Who Watches is an inventive gravity-bending first person puzzle game where you use a bow and can walk along walls and ceilings. In each level of He Who Watches you need to use your bow to activate switches and… Continue Reading →

Empty Shell – Prologue Download

Empty Shell is a tense top-down Sci-Fi horror roguelite shooter where you fight your way through an abandoned research facility in Japan. In Empty Shell you are an operative who has been sent to complete certain objectives inside a research… Continue Reading →

Shadows of Doubt – Beta Sign Up

Shadows of Doubt is an open world Sci-Fi thriller where a P.I. hunts down a serial killer in a corrupt city. Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during last year, Shadows of Doubt is a Sci-Fi adventure that takes place… Continue Reading →

Blackout Protocol – Beta Sign Up

Blackout Protocol is a roguelite top-down Sci-Fi co-op shooter where you blast your way into the heart of a top-secret research facility filled with otherworldly horrors. Currently in development by Ocean Drive Studio (creators of Lost Eidolons), Blackout Protocol is… Continue Reading →

Longevity Party – Beta Sign Up

Longevity Party is a multiplayer third person arena shooter where you don’t kill your opponents, but win by knocking them out of the destructible battlefield. In Longevity Party you’ll need to use the environment to your advantage as you attempt… Continue Reading →

Chop Chop Guys – Beta Sign Up

Chop Chop Guys is essentially a Fall Guys style multiplayer party royale game, but with lots of blood, comical violence and dismemberment. The core gameplay in Chop Chop Guys is very much a knock off of Fall Guys, with players… Continue Reading →

Skinny & Franko: Fists of Violence – Alpha Demo

Skinny & Franko: Fists of Violence is a comically brutal side-scrolling beat ‘em up where two buddies set out to clean the streets of a corrupted city. A sequel to Franko: The Crazy Revenge, the 28 year old Amiga game,… Continue Reading →

Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean – Beta Sign Up

Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean is a real-time stealth tactics game where you command a motley crew of pirates and search for treasure in the Caribbean. In Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean you find yourself in a race against the… Continue Reading →

The 9th Charnel – Open Beta

The 9th Charnel is a first person survival horror adventure where you find yourself trapped in a valley that contains cosmic life. In The 9th Charnel you and your colleagues were on their way to conduct research at a nearby… Continue Reading →

Gods from the Abyss – Alpha Demo

Gods from the Abyss is an old school side-scrolling beat ‘em up where two occultists punch, kick and slice their way through hordes of Eldritch monsters. Drawing inspiration from classics like Final Fight, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and TMNT,… Continue Reading →

Builders of Egypt – Beta Sign Up

Builders of Egypt is a beautiful looking new city-building game where you build and manage vast cities in Ancient Egypt. The city-building gameplay of Builders of Egypt takes place during the protodynastic period in Egypt and will encompass the birth… Continue Reading →

Bread & Fred – Beta Demo

Bread & Fred is a delightful physics-based co-op platformer where two little penguins that are attached by a small length of rope attempt to scale a mountain. In Bread & Fred you take control of two rock climbing penguins who… Continue Reading →

SAIVO – Alpha Demo

SAIVO is a surreal Finnish first person horror adventure where a workaholic takes an unpleasant vacation in his great uncle’s cabin. In SAIVO you follow the story of Desmond, a Finnish man whose parents went missing 41 years ago. Desmond… Continue Reading →

Starcatcher – Game Jam Build Download

Starcatcher is an inventive little gravity-bending puzzle platforming adventure that’s controlled with just one button. Created for the 1-Button Jam 2022, Starcatcher is a clever little puzzle platformer where you control your character by holding X to walk forward and… Continue Reading →

SUB – Game jam Build Download

SUB is a submarine exploration game where you use LIDAR scans to visualsze and navigate mysterious uncharted waters. Created for the GMI Community Jam 2022, in SUB you take control of a little submarine in a totally black void. You… Continue Reading →

Metroplex Zero – Beta Sign Up

Metroplex Zero is a neo-cyberpunk card combat game with roguelike and JRPG elements, where you assemble a team and battle evil Megacorporations. Drawing inspiration from Shadowrun, Slay the Spire and Magic: The Gathering, Metroplex Zero is a card-based roguelite adventure… Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve at the Spiders Hotel – Game Jam Build Download

Christmas Eve at the Spiders Hotel is a fun little festive FPS where you fill a hotel with holiday cheer and blast all the huge spiders that have infested it. Created for the 7dfps game jam, Christmas Eve at the… Continue Reading →

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