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SILO27: Crashlanded – Beta Sign Up

SILO27: Crashlanded is a third person Sci-Fi adventure where you explore, fight enemies and solve puzzles on a mysterious alien planet that you crashland on. In SILO27: Crashlanded the interstellar cargo ship that you were stationed on has crashlanded on… Continue Reading →

Sinfeld Remastered: Deceased and Assist – Beta Sign Up

Sinfeld Remastered: Deceased and Assist is a horror comedy action game that takes place in a parody version of Seinfeld! Drawing inspiration from Resident Evil, Silent Hill and (most notably) the Seinfeld TV show, Sinfeld Remastered is a comedy horror… Continue Reading →

Marinette – Beta Demo

Marinette is a beautifully crafted RPG Maker horror adventure where a young girl ends up trapped in a spooky dollhouse filled with living dolls. In Marinette you follow the adventure of a young girl called Marinette, whose father has recently… Continue Reading →

Hardwork Simulator – Game Jam Build

Hardwork Simulator is a quirky little game where you try to type out a document while also dropping letters on angry stickmen who are trying to destroy your hard work. Created for Ludum Dare 49, in Hardwork Simulator you mash… Continue Reading →

Star Pilot – Beta Sign Up

Star Pilot is a multiplayer space combat game where up to 16 players face off in fast paced arena battles. In Star Pilot you’ll be able to jump into an agile space fighter and do battle in its Free-For-All, Domination… Continue Reading →

Knitted and Inflatable – Beta Sign Up

Knitted and Inflatable is a charming looking gore-free physics-based first person shooter where you use a Hurricane Gun to shift objects around levels and fire enemies into hazards. In Knitted and Inflatable you step into the shoes of a defender… Continue Reading →

Furquest – Alpha Demo

Furquest is a WarioWare and Undertale inspired RPG adventure where darkness lurks beneath it’s wholesome looking world and there are two sides to every soul. In Furquest you are an introverted kid who finds a mysterious game cartridge that falls… Continue Reading →

REVN – Open Beta

REVN is a third person arena shooter/MOBA hybrid where you can build your own custom character and fight in tactical 5v5 matches. In the matches of REVN the aim is to destroy the rival team’s core while defending your own…. Continue Reading →

Beholder 3 – Beta Sign Up

Beta sign ups are now live for Beholder 3 – the voyeuristic simulation game where a landlord spies on his residents for a totalitarian state. In Beholder 3 you’ll be carrying out similar covert spying operations as the previous games…. Continue Reading →

ClayTown Horror – Alpha Demo

ClayTown Horror is a very creepy claymation styled first person horror game where you find yourself trapped in a cardboard dollhouse that’s home to murderous clay monstrosities. In ClayTown Horror you are a lone visitor to a mysterious cardboard dollhouse…. Continue Reading →

Elemental War 2 – Beta Sign Up

Elemental War 2 is a dark fantasy tower defense game where you build defenses to repel the horses of monsters that spill out from the abysses of Hell. A sequel to the 2019 original, Elemental War 2 is a 3D… Continue Reading →

The War Will Win – Kickstarter Demo

The War Will Win is a narrative driven medieval fantasy deck-building turn-based tactics game where you command your army in strategic battles that will determine the fate of the kingdom. In The War Will Win you’ll choose a faction and… Continue Reading →

Micro Arcade – Game Jam Build Download

Micro Arcade is a fun little first person game where you move a tiny little character around the controls of an arcade cabinet to make them play a 3D tank game! Created for the Video games Lab Game Jam 2021,… Continue Reading →

Dragon Saddle Melee – Beta Sign Up

Dragon Saddle Melee is a 2D multiplayer arena combat game where player face off on the back of fire-breathing dragons. In Dragon Saddle Melee you’ll be able to jump on the back of a dragon and do battle against other… Continue Reading →

Bunker Survival – Beta Sign Up

Bunker Survival is a post-apocalyptic first person survival adventure where you shelter in underground bunkers and venture out into a hostile world filled with mutated wildlife and other survivors. In Bunker Survival humanity has turned the world into a toxic… Continue Reading →

EXP: War Trauma – Beta Sign Up

EXP: War Trauma is an incredibly intense first person psychological horror game where you relive the trauma of a German WWII soldier. The developer of EXP: War Trauma aims to create a series of EXP games, each of which will… Continue Reading →

Good Vibes Jogging – Game Jam Build

Good Vibes Jogging is a delightful little game where you go for a little jog through a park and spread good vibes among the other joggers. Created for the OST Jam Vol. 4 by andyman404 (creator of Mr Buttman’s Grand… Continue Reading →

WWII Online: Chokepoint – Beta Sign Up

WWII Online: Chokepoint is a tactical multiplayer FPS with a focus on teamwork and communication as you fight for control of iconic WWII chokepoints. Set towards the end of World War II, WWII Online: Chokepoint will see US paratroopers and… Continue Reading →

Chrysalis – Beta Sign Up

Chrysalis features a fusion of tower-defense and survival RPG elements as you can control the bodies of different forest creatures to defend your forest from a corrupting darkness. In Chrysalis you are an incorporeal Wisp who must defend their forest… Continue Reading →

Battle Bands: Rock & Roll Deckbuilder – Beta Sign Up

Battle Bands: Rock & Roll Deckbuilder is a roguelike deck-building card game where you build a band and compete in a tournament to become a rock legend. Playable in single-player, 4 player co-op or up to 4v4 PvP, in Battle… Continue Reading →

Sleepless Kevin – Game Jam Build Download

Sleepless Kevin is a freaky and funny little PS1 styled first person horror game where you have a little trouble with a ghostly cleaner/handyman after taking your new medication. Created for the Halloween Jam 2021, Sleepless Kevin tells an odd… Continue Reading →

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