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Paladin’s Passage – Beta Sign Up

Paladin’s Passage is a stylish 2.5D action platformer where you can place blocks to safeguard your character from hazards and use them as platforms to help traverse its tricky single-screen levels. In Paladin’s Passage you are a dwarven paladin who… Continue Reading →

Fear The Spotlight – Alpha Demo

Fear The Spotlight is a PS1 styled survival horror game where a schoolgirl searches for her friend in an abandoned school that’s home to a strange spotlight-headed monster. In Fear The Spotlight you follow the adventure of a young girl… Continue Reading →

Saviorless – Beta Demo

Saviorless is a beautiful hand drawn dark fantasy action adventure set on a cursed island filled with creepy smiling monsters. In Saviorless you take control of two different protagonists as they make their way through a mysterious cursed land called… Continue Reading →

Mix Universe – Beta Sign Up

Mix Universe is a music creation game where you join together different types of nodes to build up songs in stylish synthwave environments. In Mix Universe you’ll be able to build, play and share your very own songs using the… Continue Reading →

Android Simulator – Beta Sign Up

Android Simulator is a single-player first person Sci-Fi adventure about an android who is in charge of a colony ship as it makes its way across space. In Android Simulator you are in charge of a colony ship which has… Continue Reading →

Creature Lab – Beta Sign Up

Creature Lab is a first person mad scientist simulator that allows you to use mutagens and body parts to create all manner of monstrous abominations. In Creature Lab you’ll be able to unleash your inner Dr Frankenstein as you throw… Continue Reading →

Fueled Up – Beta Sign Up

Fueled Up is a chaotic cooperative multiplayer spaceship repair game where players race to fix damaged spaceships before a space octopus eats them! Playable in local or online multiplayer with up to four players, Fueled Up puts you incontrol of… Continue Reading →

The Cursed Knight – Kickstarter Demo

The Cursed Knight is a brand new old school 16-bit action platforming adventure that’s coming to the SEGA Genesis! Drawing inspiration from 16-bit classics such as Mega Man X, The Cursed Knight may be coming along some 34 years after… Continue Reading →

Film Morbid – Game Jam Build Download

Film Morbid is a clever first person puzzle game where you use clues hidden in an old black and white film to help you escape an eerie little room. Created for the Black and White Jam, Film Morbid sees you… Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Möbius Strip – Game Jam Build Download

Once Upon a Möbius Strip is an excellent little Lucasarts inspired Game Boy styles point and click adventure where you try to reverse the effects of your Uncle turning your house into a Möbius Strip! Created for the Black and… Continue Reading →

Cave of Past Sorrows – Game Jam Build Download

Cave of Past Sorrows is a very tough little action platformer that puts you in a looping bullet hell arena where that you share with previous versions of yourself and have to dodge the bullets they fire! Created for the… Continue Reading →

Wish Talk – Beta Sign Up

Wish Talk is a strange single-player social simulation game where you explore a mysterious magical island and have free-form conversations with its deep learning AI powered inhabitants. In Wish Talk you’ll explore a magical island filled with hidden areas, secrets… Continue Reading →

Purple War – Beta Sign Up

Purple War is a classic Warcraft style multiplayer real-time strategy game where tribes of humans, elves and orcs do battle in fast-paced eight player matches. Harkening back to the Warcraft era of RTS gaming, Purple War will see you managing… Continue Reading →

Sorry, We’re Open – Beta Demo

Sorry, We’re Open is a turn-based roguelite horror CRPG where you manage a supermarket, discover secrets and battle weird monsters. Currently in development by Oates (creator of Nobody’s Home and No Delivery), Sorry, We’re Open is an RPG Maker based… Continue Reading →

Death Roads: Tournament – Beta Sign Up

Death Roads: Tournament is a deck-building roguelike car combat game where you race through a post-apocalyptic wasteland and fight rival racers in Death Race 2000 style TV show. The gameplay of Death Roads: Tournament takes place in a future where… Continue Reading →

Soil – Game Jam Build Download

Soil is a weird finger-twisting little claymation game where you press keys on your keyboard to push escaping clay-people back into the ground and create barriers to prevent them from escaping. Created for the Firepit Game-a-Week jam, in Soil you… Continue Reading →

Closed Circuit – Game Jam Build

Closed Circuit is a clever little grid-based puzzle game where you attempt to lay out wiring so that it connects lightbulbs to a power source. Created for the Black and White Jam, in each level of Closed Circuit your goal… Continue Reading →

Saleblazers – Beta Sign Up

Saleblazers features a very odd and unique blend of shopkeeping, open world exploration and combat as you and up to eight friends attempt to build a shopping empire on a perilous island. Dubbed a “multiplayer shopkeeping survival experience”, in Saleblazers… Continue Reading →

Detour – Game Jam Build Download

Detour is an inventive little block-placing puzzler where you place Tetris-esque blocks on a grid to try and prevent a cube from reaching its destination. Created for Ludum Dare 50, in Detour you are presented with a large randomly generated… Continue Reading →

Memphis, Bubbleland – Game Jam Build Download

Memphis, Bubbleland is a very weird and inventive experience where you join other players on a sightseeing tour around the remnants of a Memphis that was ravaged by swarms of flying eels. Created by Sand Gardeners (creators of Exhaustlands and… Continue Reading →

Swordship – Beta Demo

Swordship is a very cool aquatic dodge ‘em up where you use a futuristic powerboat to collect cargo and dodge enemy fire in a burnt and flooded post-apocalyptic world. In the futuristic world of Swordship global warming has ravaged the… Continue Reading →

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