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Helena – Beta Demo

Helena is a beautiful hand drawn adventure about an elderly man who recalls key moments of his life while chatting with his grandson. In Helena players will be able to relive important moments of an old man’s life on the… Continue Reading →

Pain Party – Beta Sign Up

Pain Party is a wonderfully absurd physics-based third person action game that sees you competing in a wacky Japanese game show to decide where your soul will eternally rest. Currently in development by Icehelm (creators of the excellent Gone Golfing),… Continue Reading →

STHELL – Beta Demo

STHELL is an intense Sci-Fi FPS where you attempt to survive for as long as possible as hordes of robots swarm you in on a small patch of swampland that was once a test site for experimental weapons. In STHELL… Continue Reading →

Smashpunks – Beta Sign up

Smashpunks is a vehicular arena combat game that looks like a fusion of Robot Wars/Battlebots and Mario Kart, as players attempt to smash each other to smithereens in chaotic multiplayer matches. In Smashpunks you’ll be able to take control of… Continue Reading →

The Building 71 Incident – Student Game Download

The Building 71 Incident is an intense and atmospheric VHS styled found footage first person horror game where you investigate a Brazilian university building where people have mysteriously disappeared. In The Building 71 Incident you are viewing the VHS footage… Continue Reading →

SpiderHeck – Open Beta

SpiderHeck is a stylish 2D platform brawler where agile spiders use laser-swords and an assortment of other badass weaponry to blow each other to pieces. Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in March, SpiderHeck is a fast paced brawler… Continue Reading →


SKULL CHAINZ is a fast paced physics-based arcade roguelite where you swing a big skull around and smash it into your enemies. In SKULL CHAINZ you take control of a little skull who was beheaded for their crimes. You’re quite… Continue Reading →

Noir Storm – Alpha Demo

Noir Storm is a film noir pixel art point and click adventure that follows a PI as he attempts to unravel a Nazi plot to unleash a weapon of mass destrucion. Taking place in Buenos Aires city 1952 Noir Storm… Continue Reading →

Lemuria – Beta Sign Up

Lemuria is a single-player third person shooter set in a country where civilization has collapsed and you chase your dreams (while also filling a lot of people with lead). In Lemuria you follow the story of an average suburban guy… Continue Reading →

Lighthouse of Better Days – Game Jam Build Download

Lighthouse of Better Days is a short and uplifting experience where you control the light of a lighthouse to give ships hope as they cross stormy seas of despair. Created by Andyman404 (creator of Fingerpaint Art Restoration and An Obstacle… Continue Reading →

Pac Man’s Sky – Pre-Alpha

Pac Man’s Sky is a fun fusion of Pac-Man and No Man’s Sky where you gobble pellets on little planetoids to collect fuel for a rocket that can fly between them. Initially Pac Man’s Sky plays very much like Pac-Man,… Continue Reading →

Dungeonlite Duelers – Beta Sign Up

Dungeonlite Duelers blends roguelike dungeon crawling with battle royale gameplay as you battle monsters and other players in a strange cyberpunk underworld. In Dungeonlite Duelers you’ll be able to choose from a selection of uniquely skilled duellers and then fight… Continue Reading →

System Under Surveillance – Beta Sign Up

System Under Surveillance is a beautifully animated isometric pixel art adventure that blends stealth and puzzle elements as a boy and a robot find themselves being hunted through a dystopian futuristic city. In System Under Surveillance you follow the adventure… Continue Reading →

Para Bellum: Hold The Line – Pre-Alpha Download

Para Bellum: Hold The Line features a fusion of real-time strategy and tower defense as you command your troops in small scale military battles against waves of enemy soldiers. A spin-off of the Para Bellum: The Unknown Soldiers, Hold The… Continue Reading →

Core Keeper – Beta Sign Up

Core Keeper is a sandbox dungeon crawling adventure where up to eight players can work together as they mine, build, craft, farm and fight to unravel the mystery of the ancient Core. Currently in development by Pugstorm, (Creators of Radical… Continue Reading →

Yamadera, Yamagata Japan (Lushfoil Photography Sim) – Beta Download

Yamadera, Yamagata Japan is a breathtakingly beautiful first person exploration game where you explore, take pictures and discover secrets in a near-photorealistic recreation of the Yamadera Mountain Temple in Japan. Created as part of caves rd’s Lushfoil Photography Sim series… Continue Reading →

Rocket Sword – Beta Download

Rocket Sword is a wonderfully chaotic action game where you fly around the screen slaying enemies with a rocket-powered sword. In Rocket Sword your aim is to survive for as long as possible and rack up as high a score… Continue Reading →

The Sirena Expedition – Game Jam Build Download

The Sirena Expedition is a creepy cinematic horror platforming adventure where a diver investigates a mysterious man-made structure found at the bottom of the sea. Created for the HPS1 Summer of Shivers game jam, The Sirena Expedition follows the story… Continue Reading →

Single-Eyed – Game Jam Build Download

Single-Eyed is a stylish and eerily beautiful little exploration adventure that follows the story of a lonely robot who attempts to track down a lone life signal in a desolate post-apocalyptic world. Created for the theBatya Game Jam 2021.2, in… Continue Reading →

ABRISS – Beta Demo

ABRISS is a physics-based destruction game where you build structures to destroy other structures in digital-brutalist cityscapes. In ABRISS you build to destroy. Specifically, you build moving structures whose purpose is to destroy other large structures in each level. Your… Continue Reading →

Headlines From The Deep – Game Jam Build Download

Headlines From The Deep is a wonderfully absurd little narrative-driven adventure about a diver who gets lost at sea, then gets mistaken for a fish and put to work as an intern at a fish news station! Created for the… Continue Reading →

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