Breakups are a very difficult time in anyone’s life, especially when you have been in a serious long term relationship that’s now been ended by the other person.

That’s the situation you find yourself in, in Apartment: A Separated Place

You’ve been dumped after a four-year-long relationship and you can’t stop seeing items that remind you of your partner. These items bring back memories – perspectives and moments in time where you were with her. You are able to see a clearer version of the world, or dip into one that points you towards the next memory. When you’ve collected enough of these, you turn them into a comic.

Apartment: A Separated Place

The comic is a way of dealing with the emotion through putting it down on paper, visiting it one last time before moving on. The world you are in is covered in little words, reminding you of memories or telling you about your past. Often you are transported into different worlds, taken there by your memory or imagination, to explore before returning to your apartment alone.

Apartment: A Separate Place also has you visiting your neighbours, friends, and people around you to understand and visit their own individual stories within their homes. Taking the meaning of the word ‘Apartment’ and giving it a deeper look is the aim of this game. It’s an interesting and captivating story that I got to see at AdventureX.

Apartment: A Separated Place is coming to Windows, Linux, and Mac on Valentines Day 2020 (a very fitting day for this type of game). You can check out their mailing list to keep up to date with the game.

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