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2D "Summoner" A-RPG, KAMIYOGATARI – New Gameplay Footage

We've published a new gameplay video of our 2D Summoner ARPG Kamiyogatari, including direct game footage from the playable demo shown at the Indie Games Connect 2022.

#13 Entrudo Devlog – Farm Area

13th article about our in development game, Entrudo.


Wishlist to not miss it and be among the first to play Kingdomfall!

Devlog #2: UI and New Class

A short insight into the development of Tactics of World War I, a real-time tactics game. This time I want to show you the game's unique UI and the latest addition to the roster of the German Empire.

The Innkeep Cooking System

Last year I sat down with pen and paper and got to work designing the Innkeep cooking system. After some months of work it's shaping up quite nicely. Let's take a closer look!

RTS Unit Death Animations: Video Devlog 16

The sixteenth weekly devlog of Deterrence. This week I go over how I made unit death animations and more with Unity and other tools.

Eternal Samurai Duel Mode

Added local multiplayer duel mode that allows player to fight each other.

Drag[en]gine 1.13 with DENetwork Library 1.0

Drag[en]gine reached 1.13 and has now the new DENetwork Library to connect all kinds of applications to Drag[en]gine games.

Detective and Waiter Design Concept

In this post we show some of the updates on the conceptualization of both the main character and the waiters of our project.

Patch Notes 0.20205: Accessibility, Aiming & Ritual Magic

We overhauled the ranged combat and our ritual magic system. The latter is now based on runes, which means a there are new riddles!

Roboplant – June Recap – Solar panels, water harvesters and much more

In June we added new ways to store and produce energy and water, we created a new interactive tutorial, and we improved the performances of the game.

Update 1.29: Support and logistics

Requested feature is available: choose your support and logistics

Something’s Brewing in the Abbey #16

Read this week's Something's Brewing as we talk about revising its format in the following weeks, a quick brief over what the team is working on, and BIAB as a viable homebrew solution!

Gamedec arrives at Nintendo Switch!

The time has come, Gamedec is available at the biggest handhold!

Stellaris Console Players Getting Aquatics Species; 5 Cosmic Stellaris Mods

Console Stellaris players are getting a new species pack soon, but PC players aren't missing out with these five great Stellaris mods!

Devlog #5: Monsters

We told you about the vegetation found in various locations in the World of RIN, so we must also introduce you to the monsters walking around them!

Thursday 30.6 | New Wave Function Collapse Blocks

Adding climbable blocks and fixing the issue where there would be a ledge in the middle of the wall.

Isonzo Intel #25 – Death from above

Learn how WW1 aviation is represented in Isonzo via the call-in system.

Weekly Devlog 14: Lets take it outside! #2

The teased garden has been updated! Lets take a look at the latest screenshots!

Military and Criminality update has arrived to Lords & Villeins!

Behold, Lords and Ladies, The Military and Criminality update is here! Lords & Villeins will also be a part of Steam Summer Sale that starts June 23 (7PM CEST). You are now able to get the game at 20% off!… Continue Reading →

Netherworld June Devblog 2022

Start summer checking boss beta comments, discovering Tick Joe's new UI & attacks and what a "Wasted bar" means in the drinking minigame!

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