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Download Update – Colour Corrections

How you want your park to look and work is very much up to you. Do you want your park to have a lot of tourists, do you want to preserve nature, do you want to raise livestock, do you… Continue Reading →

8-Bit Adventures 2 Launch Trailer Debuts at New York Game Awards!

A new trailer - featuring an EPIC orchestral arrangement by our wonderful composer Sebastian Cruz (Carfonu) - just debuted at the New York Game Awards!

The Destruction Update โ€“ Voxel Maps and Radios

BP now supports fully dynamic levels and physical destruction like Teardown. Radios and private chat also added.

Halves – Gameplay Reveal

Halves is an adventure game that every level have different mechanics. You can be an entire level killing zombies, solving puzzles, jumping in platform sections or even exploring a scary mansion…

MAMA Die and Retry has passed GDWC 2022 validation

Join the working class and support MAMA Die And Retry during the GDWC.

Gameplay Insight #1: Summoning the Nexus ๐Ÿ—ผ

Why the Nexus is such important in Scorchlands? ๐Ÿค” Read the new series named Gameplay Insight - the developers from Ringlab โš—๏ธ are going to share a little about the mechanics of their upcoming adorable city-builder!

Into The Light is qualified for the GDWC

We're just popping in here to let you know that we've qualified for the GDWC. You can check out our page to learn more about the game. We also prepared a small trailer for the occasion.

Demo Updates!

New demo, bug fixes, and like a million other changes.

Jawbreaker demo has launched!

The playable demo for the stealth-horror game "Jawbreaker" is now available for download on Steam! (and soon Itchio). Enter a collapsed society where gangs rule and looting is the only way to stay alive

Land of Towers on the Game Development World Championship

Land of Towers on the Game Development World Championship. Support us. Likes and shares on GDWC Game Page increase the game's ranking.

RTS Ragdoll Physics & Playable Demo: Video Devlog 38

In this log, mechanized units are finished with new shaders and death objects, the game gets all new sounds effects and a revamped sound manager, human units are given ragdoll physic death objects, and much more.

Occupy Mars: The Game Kickstarter Campaign is now live!

Weโ€™re excited to announce that weโ€™re launching a Kickstarter campaign for Occupy Mars: The Game! Check it out and consider supporting us! โค๏ธ

Multi-talented team to announce the Swedish video game Molly Medusa

Prominent Swedish developer announces Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit, a gravity-bending 3D adventure where everyone turns to stone.

FreeCol v1.0.0 full release is here!

The big moment has arrived guys! After all these years FreeCol has just delivered it's big version 1.0.0 release!

Pitch Silent Has Released On Steam!

The Earth has withered away. Guided by an angel in the dark. You must brave the underground of Eden to find all forms of creation to rekindle the light.

Abacus AI: An In-Depth Look at the Game’s Advanced Player Systems

This article takes a technical deep dive into the player systems of the game Abacus AI. The focus is on the unique features of the player's health, temperature, battery, and overheating systems, as well as the rifle and its four… Continue Reading →

Just Shoot Remix

Just Shoot is a first-person shooter for instant "one shot, one kill" (instagib) action. Simple, fast and fun! Features of the 2020 Remix.

Crash Override – Cybernet Sneak Peak #1

Sneak peak of the next major update, the 'Cybernet Update'. This update is due to be released in about 2 weeks.

Somerholm 0.9.5 Update

The next devlog for out upcoming game, Somerholm is out now!

Farmwand – Dev. Diary 23 : We are back with tons of decorations and fuzzy new creatures !

Hello everyone!Welcome to our very first devlog for Farmwand of 2023. We hope you could have a good rest and a wonderful time during this holiday season and are ready for a great new year โค๏ธ

Chapter 17 – Update 0.33a Performance + Translation

As you know, this project has been planned for 5 years, because thanks to our cooperation with you, the list of ideas has grown considerably longer than the original and literally everything has changed - including the developer.

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