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Warp Door’s December 2021 Round Up

[Image source] As we usher in a new year, let's take a moment to appreciate the great games we showcased as we close out 2021. We have a cute cat platformer, a colourful and quirky shooter, a beautifully hand-painted world,… Continue Reading →

Dino Crisis 2 β€” Jungle of Silence (Stefano Cagnani)

"This is a short new mission from the original story of DinoCrisis2, the original game." – Author's description Download on (Windows)

The Right Shot (Game Bakers)

"As the new waiter of the evil bar The Right Shot, your job is to serve cocktails to the bar's customer. The bartender is bombarding you with colourful cocktails…" – Author's description Download on (Windows)

Kingdom Hingdom Thingdom (Meloonics)

"Explore 5 exciting levels, find the fastest route, grab all coins, slay all enemies and master the game! Can you S+ every level?" – Author's description Play here (Browser)

TinkerCore (Spicyfuse)

"An rpg about collecting robots and upgrades!" – Author's description Play/download on (Windows, Gameboy, Analogue Pocket, Browser)

BUCKLER 2 (Aplovestudio)

"BUCKLER 2 is a retro-styled roguelite platformer that tells a story about love, hate, and everything in between." – Author's description Purchase on (Windows) Purchase on Steam (Windows)

Museum Monsters (Horatiuromantic)

"In Museum Monsters, you have the chance to collect body parts from actual paintings found in museums and create your own monstrosities." – Author's description Play here (Browser)

Scavenger of Dunomini πŸ€– (PUNKCAKE DΓ©licieux)

"Defend your pile of trash in a match-3 game where every tile has its own rules!" – Author's description Purchase on (Windows)

Shroom and Gloom (TeamLazerBeam)

"Descend into the unknown in Shroom and Gloom a first person, dungeon-crawling, deck-building tale of mushrooms and madness." – Author's description Download on (Windows, Mac)

HAD (Kultisti)

"Darkness stole all of your stuff. Let's get it back!" – Author's description Play/download on (Windows, Browser)

Of Blade and Tails (ColdIgames)

"A turn-based RPG that is action-oriented but rewards a thoughtful approach. Explore a fantastic land populated by different animal tribes." – Author's description Download demo on (Windows, Linux) Wishlist on Steam (Windows, Linux)

Moonlit (ZahranW)

"A little romp through an old city to gaze upon the moons." – Author's description Download on (Windows)

Station Street (Olivia Haines & Andrew Brophy)

"Players experience a day in the life of a country town from the perspective of its residents and the roles they play." – Author's description Download on (Windows)

Ghost Switch (Katy133)

"Ghost Switch is a wordless visual novel game about a con artist and a ghost who work together to swindle money out of clients who call to have their homes "exorcised."" – Author's description Download on (Windows, Mac, Linux)

The Ballad of Sir Gatling (Effort Star)

"It will take a brave, skilful and chivalrous knight indeed to drive them back down the bridge away from Castlekeep Citadel…" – Author's description Download on (Windows, Mac)

BoyMeetsCave (γŒγ‚€γ—γ‚ƒγ‚‰)

"To put it bluntly, it's a game like "Metroid" without the enemies. It's 50% exploration, 30% puzzle, and 20% action." – Author's description Download on (Windows)

Flewfie’s Adventure (Valorware)

"Planet Cutemellow is in trouble, Uzzu and his swarm of monsters are here to take over!" – Author's description Purchase on (Windows) Purchase on Steam (Windows)

Carrot (ChaseFox)

"Point and click to interact & navigate through the hand-painted world and its story." – Author's description Purchase on (Windows)

Slice of Sea (Mateusz Skutnik)

"Slice of Sea is a peaceful adventure and puzzle game. You play as Seaweed, a sea creature clearly out of their element. Explore desolate world of dust, all hand-drawn on paper in unique art style." – Author's description Purchase on… Continue Reading →

Pathfinder (Ben James)

"Navigate to the portal exit using the level mechanics to hit targets. Move crates, activate teleporters and ride elevators to reach the goal." – Author's description Play here (Browser)

Pengo (Pahammond)

"My Pico-8 version of the 1982 Sega arcade game." – Author's description Download on (Windows, Mac, Linux, Browser)

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