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Wholesome Cats (Angela He)

“♡ (^·ω·^) ノ Befriend and collect cute cats as you explore an island of wholesome kitties! Can you discover the secrets of this cat island and restore harmony to catkind?” – Author’s description Play Here (Browser) Download (IOS) Download (Android)

Malice (Eldritch)

“You’re travelling in Japan visiting one of it’s mysterious temple shrines when suddenly you fall into a sinkhole. Underground, you discover a sunken mansion.” – Author’s description Download demo on (Windows)

Blue June (Tiny Dodo)

“Blue June is a 2.5D story-driven adventure game with elements of exploration, puzzle solving, stealth and horror.” – Author’s description Download demo on (Windows)

Better-half (Nemlei)

“A misguided attempt at curing his depression with magic, leads Thiu having to live with his other self. Mages are apparently as unreliable as you are. What now?” – Author’s description Download on (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Raptor Boyfriend (Rocket Adrift Games)

“Romance a magical Fairy, a sensitive Sasquatch and a bold Velociraptor. A satirical 90’s teen drama about trying to find love in your last year of high school.” – Author’s description Purchase on (Windows, Mac, Linux) Purchase on Steam… Continue Reading →

SteelBreakers (Talberon)

“Steelbreakers is an action game inspired by some of the classics I grew up with, with a new competitive multiplayer spin!” – Author’s description Download on (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Time Faller (Matin)

“Time Faller is a platformer inspired by Celeste. It has core feature of time rewind and time stop.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

The Cats of Ulthar (Alessandro "Ordnas" Capriolo)

“In the tale, an unnamed narrator relates the story of how a law forbidding the killing of cats came to be in a town called Ulthar.” – Author’s description Download demo on (Windows)

The Lonely Hearts Petshop (Persona Theory Games)

“The Lonely Hearts Petshop is a cat to human matchmaking visual novel game.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

Ghastly Goodies (Cyreides)

“It’s Halloween, and that means candy! Play as Pete or Sarah, and try to avoid the tricks as you gather some treats!” – Author’s description Download demo on (Windows)

Grimm Hollow (Ghosthunter)

“When Lavender woke up this morning, she wasn’t expecting to be surrounded by a crowd of over-excited, skull-masked strangers with cake and balloons.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

Spacescape (Exilecast)

“SpaceScape is a hardcore roguelite platformer in which the player has to either escape the space prison or rise to the challenge and become the ruler of his cell block.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Sol Standard (Talberon)

“Sol Standard is a PVP-focused turn-based tactics game that pits two players against each other in the pursuit of tactical supremacy!” – Author’s description Download on (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Siren Rex Maria (ETPA)

“Siren Rex Maria is an immersive game balanced between Horror and Exploration.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

Killspiracy TV (Sonicrumpets)

“Our informants have told us that KILLSPIRACY TV is basically like zombies ate my neighbors had a kid with DOOM, with randomly generated maze-like levels and up to 10 cultists to rescue per level.” – Author’s description Download on… Continue Reading →

Temporal (Rixic)

“As Elijah you use the Arbiter (your gun) to Freeze objects in time and solve puzzles as you navigate the vast spaces the world has to offer.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

Plane Food Simulator 2021 (Sheep and Ram Studio)

“Experience the existential terror and anxiety of in-flight meals from the comfort of your own home. Complete your in-flight meal without causing an embarrassing spillage.” – Author’s description Play here (Browser)

AstroLizard (Haxxero)

“You have crashlanded your ship on an unknown planet. Explore and complete quests to find your way back to the ship.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

Cats n Wires (Kultisti)

“reconnect wires to save your cats  from this mysterious world!” – Author’s description Play / download on (Browser, Windows)

The Tale of the Cartographer (Tohu Bohu)

“The old cartographer went away without leaving any proper map of the world. What a shame! All that’s left is you to do this job… Good luck!” – Author’s description Download demo on (Windows)

AIeyes ™

“Walking simulator in a city where the world is seen through a realtime neural network, which is fed simple colored blocks that are translated to textures and forms.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

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