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Can you be brutally honest about my unfinished game? (Stack wobbly bird towers in Bird On Bird)

submitted by /u/starblinky [link] [comments]

Best of Indie Games 2021: What were some of your favorite indie games?

Hello gamers! Let's talk about your favorite games from 2021. What would you recommend? Which game did you play the most? Self-promotion comments will be removed per moderator discretion. submitted by /u/pussgurka [link] [comments]

I created a 2d platform game

Hello, I created a pirate 2d platform game. Oak Island is a game that you are Bogus, the pirate, and you have to search the lost treasure in Oak Island facing many challenges and your rival pirate. Please play… Continue Reading →

Finding other developers with similar interest?

I live in a very small town, and I've pretty much entirely ruled out finding other game developers in my area. The logical next step would be online, but I have no clue where to even start. Are there any… Continue Reading →

A snippet of gameplay footage from tonight’s playtest in Rift World!

submitted by /u/Spirit9541 [link] [comments]

I am working on a science-based penguin game featuring shootouts, flipper slaps, and belly-sliding

submitted by /u/Nordurljosid [link] [comments]

Never underestimate the usefulness of ambient sounds for building an immersive atmosphere in horror games (LOVELAND)

submitted by /u/DevHourGames [link] [comments]

Have you got what it takes to make devices alive? Try yourself in the free to play Electrician Simulator – First Shock :)

submitted by /u/quick3ar [link] [comments]

We’re excited in starting the combat system and here are some of the first animation and slash fx tests for our VR game "Soul of Kaeru" ๐Ÿธ

submitted by /u/Vinz85 [link] [comments]

Thoughts on a non-dystopian space roguelike?

submitted by /u/Momiki543 [link] [comments]

We’ve been working on a beat ’em up for the last half a year, more info coming soon!

submitted by /u/onamonapea_ [link] [comments]

Potions! – Balance bubbling brews and manage your magical potion cart! – version 1.0.0 out now

submitted by /u/themicsmith [link] [comments]

After 2 years, we’ve released our first game, it’s a mysterious adventure!

submitted by /u/crowalt_game [link] [comments]

Our chicken never dies, she just poofs away from the danger!

submitted by /u/pumaxen [link] [comments]

Take a look at the places, shops, and people of Century City. You can explore it and loot it while trying to survive in the multiplayer game weโ€™re working on!

submitted by /u/bapho20 [link] [comments]

We tried to improve the enemy attack. This is what happened. ๐Ÿคฃ Can anyone relate? ๐Ÿ˜…

submitted by /u/PRODUKTIVKELLER [link] [comments]

I’m starting to like the way that looks? We can now focus on gameplay ๐ŸŽฎ

submitted by /u/jurassicsnap [link] [comments]

I recently got my 2D shooter ARKSYNC on Steam to wishlist, and it’s been a long time coming! I’ve been building this solo since 2018.

submitted by /u/DykomSoftware [link] [comments]

Made a logo for an ongoing project (made with Unity)

submitted by /u/theeugenel [link] [comments]

Fake Racing, a game with an unusual visual style. Custom 3D-dithering shading technique with a monochrome palette.

submitted by /u/romanshuvalov [link] [comments]

Shatter / restore animation

submitted by /u/MorpheusZx [link] [comments]

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