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Is it mean to purposefully make players confused? Asking for a friend

submitted by /u/astaxpasta [link] [comments]

We have a new species for Rabbit’s Tale!

submitted by /u/playerAB [link] [comments]

Made some progress with my game, Exoterra (more details in the comments)

submitted by /u/ZombieBunnyGames [link] [comments]

flashparty–rank the characters, which one is the strongest character in your mind.I personally like Tina the most, it is the strongest character in FP in my opinion, Sophia is also very good, the attack range is huge

submitted by /u/juangray6789 [link] [comments]

While traveling in VoidTrain, fireflies can appear on the way that will point a way to the Puzzle Islands. Metal rings will help to get to these islands. The players can easily pull themselves up to the stones using a wrist winch. But if they are not attentive enough, fireflies can be missed

submitted by /u/KenjiNoboru [link] [comments]

We are trying to create something unique : a narrative game that emphasizes on perspectives. For that, we designed two distinct artistic and music direction for our main characters. What do you think?

​ Same Environment, Different Atmosphere submitted by /u/unreliable_moose [link] [comments]

Blade-Shift Rage – release date trailer (24th Feb)

submitted by /u/lightspeedwhale [link] [comments]

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain Kickstarter is coming so we added a new friend for our little witch

submitted by /u/koafrommara [link] [comments]

The poster of the game and part-time menu from the game Supernatural: Benighted.

submitted by /u/Nervous-Reindeer6184 [link] [comments]

"The missing link"

I recently worked on several game launches on marketing things. Mobile and PC games. It suddenly appears to me that there may be a missing tool, like a "link between social media, crowdfunding tools, discord… and our distribution platforms (Steam… Continue Reading →

Our new game A Matter of Principle is released on Steam, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It is an interactive historical comic in visual novel format about Bosnian Serb Gavrilo Princip and the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne Franz Ferdinand. If you like historical novels check it out!

submitted by /u/ladyplaisir [link] [comments]

Best of Indie Games 2022: What were some of your favorite indie games?

Feel free to share your favorite games and recommendations! Last year's thread: submitted by /u/Azberg [link] [comments]

We’ve added breakable items that you can also destroy with abilities. What do you think? (warning loud audio)

submitted by /u/duelcorp [link] [comments]

We spent an entire year and all of our savings to create this game (as a team of two). We love furnishing our setups … so how about a game about creating a setup you’ve always dreamed of? Demo is out on Steam.

submitted by /u/Glittering-Crow-966 [link] [comments]

We’ve opened a playtest for our Risk of Rain 2 inspired game and got 2000 sign-ups in two days! Guess it counts as a successful playtest launch?

submitted by /u/d3lt4run3 [link] [comments]

Bang! Bang! Bang!

submitted by /u/gugugamemaker [link] [comments]

I’m reworking my game art, which one is better?

submitted by /u/VisioGS [link] [comments]

New color palette for the game.

submitted by /u/Phablix [link] [comments]

What do you guys think about our Parry reflecting Lightning Bolts?

submitted by /u/ShatterplayStudio [link] [comments]

I added cyborgs to my game

submitted by /u/DeadUnicornGames [link] [comments]

Enchanted forests are destroying the Kingdom and only mushrooms can help

submitted by /u/a_gentlebot [link] [comments]

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