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Adaptation – Alpha Demo

Adaptation is an odd little first person horror game where a game of “The Floor is Lava” turns deadly as a young kid is terrorized by a monster that lives under the ground. Currently in development by Periltek (creator of… Continue Reading →

Assault Sector – Alpha Sign Up

Assault Sector is a very slick looking new Call of Duty-esque military FPS with a focus on skill-based, brutal and fast paced multiplayer combat. Currency in development by Chainsaw Games, Assault Sector aims to deliver a high quality FPS excepence… Continue Reading →

Wormatozoa – Alpha Download

Wormatozoa is a wonderfully gross mouse-based precision platformer where you attempt to guide a tapeworm through the fleshy insides of its host. Drawing inspiration from Snake, Super Meat Boy and golf, in each level of Wormatozoa your aim is to… Continue Reading →

Stories of Liane – Beta Demo

Stories of Liane is a dark narrative-driven Sci-Fi horror adventure that aims to tell a collection of stories from multiple characters’ perspectives, in a dystopian universe where Earth is no longer inhabitable. The full version of Stories of Liane will… Continue Reading →

Colossus Mission – Beta Sign Up

Colossus Mission is a tricky Thrust-esque precision flying game where you attempt to pilot a little space shuttle through a mysterious alien spacecraft that’s appeared over Earth. In Colossus Mission you take control of a space shuttle whose crew has… Continue Reading →

Meor – Pre-Alpha Download

Meor is a beautiful fantasy themed sandbox game with a custom game engine that uses voxel GPU technology to morph a physics-based world with round edges and materials that can interact with each other. Think about a voxel-based sandbox world… Continue Reading →

WHALIEN – Alpha Sign Up

WHALIEN is a pun-filled puzzle platforming adventure where an old man who lives in a giant mechanical whale uses physics-based abilities to dispatch an invasion of weird squid creatures. In WHALIEN you take on the role of Ernest Hemmingwhale, an… Continue Reading →

Get Out Alive – Alpha Demo

Get Out Alive is a very tense little first person horror survival shooter where you attempt to escape from a toxin-filled apartment block that’s inhabited by freaky monsters. Currently in development by Owl Nest Studios (creators of Aslin’s Story: The… Continue Reading →

Berserker and Thumbnail Maker – Game Jam Build

Berserker and Thumbnail Maker is a cleverly crafted little puzzle platformer where you copy and paste thumbnails of sections of the levels to allow a lost Viking to escape a dungeon. Created for the Weekly Game Jam, in Berserker and… Continue Reading →

Wigged Out – Open Beta

Wigged Out is a wonderfully chaotic historically inaccurate ball game where players attempt to outscore each other in fast paced mathes that blend pinball, soccer and slapstick carnage! The aim in each match of Wigged Out is as simple as… Continue Reading →

Slipways – Beta Sign Up

Slipways is a single-player economy-focused and micromanagement free space trading strategy game that aims to deliver a grand strategy experience in just 60 minutes. Slipways is a grand strategy game that’s about trade, not war. Your aim is to colonize… Continue Reading →

Hand of Pain – Game Jam Build Download

Hand of Pain is a fun little third person shooter that looks a lot like a first person shooter, as you take control of a disembodied hand that blasts baddies in bullet-time in a weird vaporwave wireframe world. Created for… Continue Reading →

Title_Pending – Alpha Demo

Title_Pending is a fun and eerie Stanley Parable inspired 4th wall breaking adventure where a playtest for a new game gets seriously weird. In Title_Pending you take on the role of a playtester who has been hired to find any… Continue Reading →

System Shock Remake – Beta Demo

A new demo for the upcoming System Shock remake has been released, with around an house worth of gameplay as you fight mutants and robots aboard a space station that’s been taken over by a self-aware AI. Previously featured on… Continue Reading →

Tribble Troubles – Beta Sign Up

Tribble Troubles is a fun looking new 2D action platformer where you get to become a cute little Tribble from the classic 1967 Star Trek episode. Currently being created in collaboration with David Gerrold (the writer of the original The… Continue Reading →

Coven – Alpha Download

Coven is an incredibly brutal old school run ‘n gun FPS where a bullet-time witch goes on a bloody rampage after being burned at the stake by villagers. Drawing inspiration from 90’s classics like Quake, DOOM and Hexen, Coven is… Continue Reading →

I Am Fish – Pre-Alpha Sign Up (PC & Xbox)

Pre-Alpha sign ups are now live for I Am Fish, a fishy sequel to I Am Bread, which sees you controlling a goldfish as it attempts to roll its way to the ocean. Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back… Continue Reading →


DISRUPTION is a near-future third-person shooter where skilled paramilitary soldiers fight, hack and build their way through dangerous missions in a world dangerously dependent on robotization. The Sci-Fi third-person shooter gameplay of DISRUPTION takes place in the dystopian city of… Continue Reading →

Detached – Game Jam Build Download

Detached is a very inventive little puzzle platformer where the blocks on-screen only move in the directions indicated by the symbols on them, but you are able to get them to work together by joining them up. Created for the… Continue Reading →

Paint Chips – Beta Sign Up

Paint Chips is a paint-splatting multiplayer paintball game where players do battle and attempt to cover each-other with paint. Playable with up to eight players across four different maps, Paint Chips is a Splatoon-esque multiplayer top-down shooter where your weapon… Continue Reading →

Orbital Bullet – Alpha Sign Up

Orbital Bullet is a fast paced roguelike action platformer that takes place on 360° wrap-around levels that you can literally shoot bullets all the way around. Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer Last year Orbital Bullet fuses fast paced Contra-esque… Continue Reading →

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