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Overlode – Beta Sign Up

Overlode is a Sci-Fi deck-building RTS where you command an army of genetically enhanced clones and battle hordes of insectoid aliens. In Overlode you use cards to help build and command an army of clones in epic battles on randomized… Continue Reading →

Perennial Order – Beta Demo

Perennial Order is a beautiful painterly boss-rush horror game where a plant-based knight battles nature-infested eldritch horrors. Playable in single-player or local/online co-op, in Perennial Order you are a once dead knight who has been reborn into the world by… Continue Reading →

Asura The Striker – Beta Demo

Asura The Striker is a Space Harrier inspired arcade shoot ’em up where a humanoid combat weapon battles invaders from outer space. The gameplay in Asura The Striker is pretty similar to the SEGA arcade classic, Space Harrier. You run… Continue Reading →

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle – Beta Demo

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle is a rhythm action puzzle platforming adventure where you overcome a king’s twisted challenges in a magical musical castle. Playable in single-player or co-op with up to four players, in Super Crazy Rhythm Castle you set… Continue Reading →

Little Goody Two Shoes – Beta Demo

Little Goody Two Shoes is a beautifully animated spooky adventure about a young woman who dreams of becoming filthy rich in a hand-painted fairytale world. In Little Goody Two Shoes you will follow the adventure of Elise, a rather abrasive… Continue Reading →

The Holy Gosh Darn – Beta Demo

The Holy Gosh Darn is a hilarious and wonderfully absurd narrative-driven time-travelling puzzle adventure where you help Death save Heaven from annihilation. In The Holy Gosh Darn you are a low ranking angel called Cassiel who is enlisted by Death… Continue Reading →

Death of a Wish – Beta Demo

Death of a Wish is a very stylish and brutal hand-drawn action RPG where a kid who has grown up in a cult attempts to escape indoctrination. A sequel to Lucah: Born of a Dream, Death of a Wish is… Continue Reading →

Darkest Abyss – Beta Demo

Darkest Abyss is a Castlevania inspired retro action platforming adventure where a half-vampire that’s turning into a zombie sets out to find a cure for her curse. In Darkest Abyss you follow the adventure of Countess Lucy, a half-vampire demon… Continue Reading →

Japanese Drift Master – Beta Demo

Japanese Drift Master is an Initial D inspired open world drift racing game where you burn rubber around the beautiful roads of Japan. The core gameplay in Japanese Drift Master is like a drift-focused take on Forza Horizon. You can… Continue Reading →

SENTRY – Beta Demo

SENTRY is a low poly tower defense FPS where you use traps and turrets to defend your ship against waves of invading aliens. Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, SENTRY is a fast paced… Continue Reading →

No Stone Unturned – Alpha Demo

No Stone Unturned is a lighthearted murder mystery adventure where you attempt to discover why a murdered chicken crossed the road. In No Stone Unturned you’re a grizzled detective who wakes up at the side of the road with a… Continue Reading →

American Arcadia – Beta Demo

American Arcadia is a 2.5D Sci-Fi cinematic puzzle platforming adventure that blends first, second and third person perspectives. In American Arcadia you follow the story of a poor unsuspecting office clerk called Trever, who’s unwittingly one of the stars of… Continue Reading →

Ninza – Beta Demo

Ninza is an inventive and beautifully animated multiplayer fighting game where you don’t physically hit rivals yourself, instead you hit them with the blocks that make up the arena. Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta sign up,… Continue Reading →

The Talos Principle 2 – Beta Demo

Get ready for some more Portal inspired Sci-Fi puzzling, The Talos Principle 2 is coming to test your grey matter in a city of robots. In The Talos Principle 2 you will explore a world where humanity is extinct, but… Continue Reading →

RoboCop: Rogue City – Beta Demo

RoboCop: Rogue City is a new Sci-Fi FPS based on the classic 80’s movies, that allows you to become part man, part machine, all cop! Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, RoboCop: Rogue City… Continue Reading →

Windowkill – Game Jam Build Download

Windowkill is a clever little roguelike twin-stick shooter that takes place within a window that you move around the desktop. The gameplay of Windowkill takes place within a window (and some separate windows) that you can expand and move around… Continue Reading →

Kill It With Fire 2 – Beta Sign Up

Sign ups are now live for the Kill It With Fire 2 multiplayer Beta, with an asymmetric PvP mode that pits spiders against exterminators. As with the original, Kill It With Fire 2 is a chaotic physics-based extermination game about… Continue Reading →

The Gap – Beta Demo

The Gap is a surreal Sci-Fi mystery adventure where you attempt to recover your memories by using déjà vu to travel to parallel realities. In The Gap you are a neuroscientist whose family suffers from a rare disorder that degrades… Continue Reading →

Été – Beta Demo

Été is a beautiful and chilled out painting adventure where you’re an artist who paints the world and paints canvases. In Été you are a budding watercolor artist who has just moved to Montreal for the Summer in search of… Continue Reading →

KIBORG – Alpha Demo

KIBORG is an incredibly brutal third person roguelite beat ’em up set on a prison planet that’s been infected by alien nanobots. In KIBORG you are the leader of a group of resistance fighters who are fighting back against alien… Continue Reading →

Phantom Fury – Alpha Demo

Phantom Fury is a bombastic Ion Fury sequel where Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison gets a robotic arm and embarks on an Unreal Engine powered fully 3D FPS adventure. Taking place many years after the original, Phantom Fury swaps the (Duke Nukem… Continue Reading →

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