Jayden and James just got matched with one another on a dating app, and it’s up to you to help Noah through his conversations to get to know his potential new partner.

hot margherita and two spoons will have you getting to know this cute pair, helping the potential couple as they converse about climate change, coming out, and silly pop culture stuff. It’s an exciting time for Noah, after all, as he finds himself getting to know someone who just might have a lot of stuff in common with him. Maybe you’ll even land yourself a date as well, although that means navigating the horrors of meeting someone in person. Although I think the pair will do just fine once they see one another.

The game revolves around shared meals, learning about that possible special someone you like, and also getting to know Noah as well. You’re a stranger in Noah’s life at first, so it can’t hurt to look around his place and find out his likes and feelings. You can’t help him connect with someone he likes if you don’t know anything about him, after all.

The demo of hot margherita and two spoons offers a charming look at the pair as they warm up to one another, but also delves into many of the challenging things young (and old) gay people face in their family lives and the everyday. It’s both touching and saddening, and I’m curious to see more of their relationship unfold as the game develops.

hot margherita and two spoons is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can grab a demo from its itch.io page.

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