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Small Games

Tip of the Icebug (Jon Topielski)

“cute little puzzle game about a bug (bitly) stuck in a cold place” – Author’s description Play on (Browser)

Outer Bounds (watermelon)

“Push yourself out of solids by disabling and enabling collisions” – Author’s description Play on (Browser)

nine shrines (droqen)

“nine shrines, a 1-2-day-broughlike-playable.” – Author’s description Play on (Browser)

ORUL (Egor Dorichev)

“Me and my reflection” – Author’s description Play on (Browser)

Greg & the Great Evil (dwunkypengy)

“A quaint card game where you play as Greg the mighty Lunar Paladin who has found himself plunging down to earth in order to defeat a great evil” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

Coin-op Kid (Cosmic Adventure Squad)

“you need at least one coin inside you to stay alive.” – Author’s description Play on (Browser) [Via @abagames]

Maze Machina (Arnold Rauers)

“Jailed for the Automatron’s amusement and bound by his electric force, you have to use the tools and tricks that the labyrinth is offering you to overcome it’s endless dangers.” – Author’s description Purchase on the App Store (iOS) Purchase… Continue Reading →

Squeaky Kitty (Owen Senior)

“In a quest for gifts for your kitty friend dig underground and fight off bats and worms.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

Respite (Kayden Chan, Luxiere, Mr. Serpent, Toby Fox)

“you play as a white collar worker who is overworked and experiencing fatigue and stress.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows, Mac)

Chair Up! (William Xue, Steven Chen, Yunci Guo)

“Sit on a swivel chair, kick out, and push yourself back” – Author’s description Download on (Windows, Mac)

Riot Beat (bunaguchi)

“A short Beat ’em up / Platformer with a size of 32 x 18 pixels.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

Anywhere the Moss Grows (Joost Eggermont)

“For those who just want to roam as moss these days.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows, Mac)

chronotopophobia (hideous cave goblin)

“unplaces, dead rooms, exits” – Author’s description Play on (Browser)

8Doors (Rootless Studio)

“Metroidvania style 2D action platformer game based on Korean afterlife world view.” – Author’s description Download demo on (Windows)

Endless Scroll (Cecile Richard)

“a game about high school memories, growing, and being online late at night” – Author’s description Play here (Browser) [Via @haraiva]

Dawndusk Dream Sewer (Rafael Batista de Lima, Joseph Dunkerley, Benjamin Dunkerley)

“Spill your mind to the sewers, fracture reason and venture into darkness.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

Ahoy! (Team Ahoy!)

“Are you up for the task of building the biggest raft in the sea?” – Author’s description Play on (Browser)

Just Business (Pitch Studios)

“In Just Business you set the scene and blast your way through all the mobsters in a gangster film.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

MOONCHARMER (Michael Berto, Joost Eggermont)

“If a video game is a novel, then MOONCHARMER is a poem.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows, Mac)

Imagine Lifetimes – Early Edition (Frycandle)

“Shape your path through a series of life-changing decisions as you choose your way to the end.” – Author’s description Download on Game Jolt (Windows) Download on (Windows)

blue drifter (Sokpop Collective)

“a harsh bounty hunter game set on a miserable rainy planet.” – Author’s description Purchase on (Windows, Mac) [Via @sokpopco]

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