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Small Games

Chalkboard (Rebecca Dilella, Susan Dang, Clare Fogarty)

“Explore an Escher inspired playground with nothing but a piece of chalk and your sense of adventure.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Driller: The New Fields (Ben James)

“Guide the drill through 10 underground caverns collecting oil pockets and battling resident monsters” – Author’s description Play on (Browser)

Toripon 鳥ポン (Victoria Smith)

“Take photos of cute birds doing cute things, and make people happy on the internet” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

Throw it down (to Earth) (23edsa, ed__m, opnmnv, fluffy pisya, Fl3xo)

“Talk with animals, find interesting things.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows) [Via @thegamecurator]

ZARTAN (Kenta Cho)

“Hold rope” – Author’s description Play here (Browser)

Alpine Alpaca (Johan Peitz)

“Use your cards to steer and build your deck as you go” – Author’s description Play on (Browser)

Jayce (Fan Fang, Mai Hou)

“Talk with animals, find interesting things.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows, Mac)

The world had been sad since Tuesday (Fred Bednarski)

“A surreal Bitsy Tale” – Author’s description Play on (Browser) [Via @indiegamescom]

Haunted Garage (Games For Ghosts)

“Interactive tableau of mysterious musical devices.” – Author’s description Play / download on (Browser, Windows, Mac, Linux)

Short Trip to Home 短途旅行 (Hou Mai)

“Short Trip to Home is a family story.” – Author’s description Play / download on (Browser, Windows, Mac)

ENQBOX (Kenta Cho)

“Rotate reverse” – Author’s description Play here (Browser)

Leave House (AYo of the North)

“leave house” – Author’s description Play on (Browser) [Via @indiegamescom]

kutikuman (Ikiki)

“宇宙のごみどもをかたづけろ” – Author’s description Download here (Windows)

A Series of Choose Your Own Adventure Stories Where No Matter What You Choose You Are Immediately Killed by a Werewolf (Luke Burns, Lucas Adams)

“It’s a series of choose your own adventure stories where no matter what you choose you are immediately killed by a werewolf.” – Author’s description Play on (Browser) [Via @indiegamescom]

3 ARMS (Kenta Cho)

“Move bar” – Author’s description Play here (Browser)

Meteor-Strike! (Toby Do, Anna Nguyen, Ryan Yoshikami)

“A game about how stressful it can be to play video games professionally.” – Author’s description Download on (Windows)

Guardian Sphere (Pixel-boy, AAA)

“Shoot ’em up in which you use your life point to buy full of upgrades” – Author’s description Download on (Windows, Mac, Linux)

CardioCasino (cnnmon)

“a slot machine that’s tied to both your childhood and your heart” – Author’s description Play on (Browser) [Via @indiegamescom]

No Players Online (Adam Pype, Viktor Kraus)

“you find a dusty vhs tape, with footage of an old video game” – Author’s description Download on (Windows, Linux)

ENIGMASH (Jack Lance)

“Inspired by (/idea more or less taken straight from) Nitrome’s game Mega Mash” – Author’s description Play here (Browser)

Perdition (Contraband)

“A story of vengeance, vindication, and survival. A story of closure.” – Author’s description Download here (Windows) Download on Steam (Windows)

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