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You had one job! – A new C64 game everyone needs to try!

The last heads up from Saberman and one I think you’ll agree looks like a ton of fun. Is the brand new game for the C64 called ‘ You had one Job!’ by Xellas, KK, Traq and Denys.This game created… Continue Reading →

Moonshadow 2 Septerios Revenge – An early V2 preview sequel to a 1990’s C64 game by Paolo Galimberti

Even more retro games to get through this week, as once again Saberman has contacted us, to tell us that excess has released a very early version 2 preview of Darkerror’s upcoming sequel Moonshadow 2 Septerios Revenge, which is a… Continue Reading →

Zombies Ate My Neighbors – A great SNES classic turned into an early DOOM II mod!

There’s a game I used to love that involved blasting away monsters in a top down view, while saving as many residents as I could such as babies, old ladies and even the odd cheer leader. It just had to… Continue Reading →

Scourge of the Underkind – New teaser footage for this upcoming Chaos Engine styled Amiga game!

During 2016 and into 2017 Wayne Ashworth and Magnus had been developing a new game called ‘ Scourge of the Underkind ‘ for 1 Meg OCS Amiga’s and above. It was shown off many times as a rather wicked looking… Continue Reading →

Legacy – PDA Dungeon Crawler was in the works for the Amiga (Demo Available)

First Person Dungeon Crawlers have a huge fan base on Indie Retro News, so many of us love games such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Ishar and even ones just released on the Amiga such as the great… Continue Reading →

Bonus Stage #75 – Proof of concept racing on the Amiga looks rather impressive!

I’ve played a lot of Arcade ports through the years, and although I’m blinded with nostalgia I can’t say I remember playing any bad ports. Although I’m sure many retro gamers would say Outrun on the Amiga could’ve been so… Continue Reading →

Dragon’s Cache – Puzzle drop n match game coming to the Atari 7800 (First Beta Available)

A new game has surfaced for the Atari 7800, as we have just found out as thanks to a heads up on the Atari forums, that Revontuli has released the first beta for a drop n match arcade puzzle game… Continue Reading →

OpenTTD 1.10.0-RC1 – Open Source Transport Tycoon Deluxe gets a new release candidate!

OpenTTD is one of the most popular open source releases on our site, and that comes as no surprise to us as it’s a constantly updated open source version of Microprose’s hit game Transport Tycoon Deluxe. A game that’s so… Continue Reading →

Atic Atac – Could this Ultimate Play the Game classic be coming to the C64? – YES!

Ultimate Play the Game released many incredible titles in the 80’s, games such as Knightlore, Jetpac, Sabre Wulf and Gunfright to name but a few. But today’s news is something of a special announcement for fans of Ultimate Play the… Continue Reading →

Dead Containment – House of the Dead inspired game is now available to try!

Something different for this awful wet and windy Thursday in the UK, as if you remember the brilliant Arcade game of The House of the Dead: a horror-themed rail shooter video game franchise created by Sega in 1996 using a… Continue Reading →

Millie and Mollie – Catrap inspired game finally appears on the C64!

Late last year we announced on Indie Retro News that Carleton Handley and Saul Cross was working on a rather lovely game for the C64 called ‘ Millie and Mollie ‘; a game which is not only inspired by the… Continue Reading →

Spearhead – Large sprite C64 shoot em up released for the C64

Another day and another C64 announcement, as trawling through the latest dimension updates, we’ve come across a new game from Alf Yngve and Richard Bayliss called ‘Spearhead’; a large sprite SEUCK developed game, in which your mission is to fly the Spearhead… Continue Reading →

Review: Duke Nukem – 1 Year Anniversary Special by Cola Powered Gamer

Long before he became a video game icon, Duke Nukem had humble origins. So, let’s take a look at the very first game, of this legendary video game icon. Duke Nukem (or sometimes Duke Nukem 1) was developed by Apogee… Continue Reading →

The Curse of Trasmoz – High quality ZX Spectrum game goes FREE!

Great news for this late evening, as just moments ago thanks to a heads up tweet from Volcano Bytes, they have told us ‘The Curse of Trasmoz Collector’s Edition ‘, which was previously a lovely boxed pack of ZX Spectrum… Continue Reading →

Ghosts’n DJs – Ghosts ‘n Goblins inspired game gets a FREE Steam release

Another announcement for the Ghosts ‘n Goblins inspired game of ‘Ghosts ‘n DJ’s’, as Bluesnews has told us the game has officially been released on Steam and can be download for both PC and MAC. This game according to the… Continue Reading →

Baggers in Space – A glorious Jetpac game is coming to the ZX Spectrum Next (Pre-orders ready!)

Along time ago, 1983 to be exact, Ultimate Play The Game released the famous game Jetpac for the ZX Spectrum and Vic-20, with the BBC Micro version released later in 1984. It star’d the legendary character Jetman, on a mission… Continue Reading →

Warhawk – Rusty Pixels is overhauling an 80’s blaster for the ZX Spectrum Next (pre-orders ready!)

Way back in 1986 Firebird Software released the scrolling shoot em up game ‘ Warhawk ‘ for the Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, Amstrad and the C64. The gameplay involved lots of top down scrolling action as the player had to… Continue Reading →

Hired Sword 2 – A racy C64 CRPG will be released on April 3rd, 2020, pre-orders ready now!

Get your wallets ready people as Double Sided Games have yet again announced another game for pre-order! Yes indeed thanks to a twitter heads up, we’ve been told Double Sided Games have announced they are now taking pre-orders for their… Continue Reading →

Shinobi Remaster – An Arcade game from 1987/9 with "improved" details on the Amstrad!

Well this took us completely by surprise, as checking through the CPCWiki forums we’ve come across a new remaster for the Amstrad which is sure to bring back Arcade memories from the late 80’s. The game being spoken about is… Continue Reading →

Major Blink – An enjoyable C16/Plus 4 game appears on the C64!

Once again another C64 game has appeared as thanks to a great heads up from our good friend Silvio Savarinoof, we’ve been told Digital Monastery has released the C64 version of ‘Major Blink’; a game coded by Jon Williams, that… Continue Reading →

Alhambra Tales – In development ZX Spectrum platformer gets an early footage tease

Throughout 2019 we had so many ZX Spectrum games being announced or released you’d think the ZX Spectrum was back in Dixons hopeful for a mass Christmas sale. Games such as Nixy and the Seeds of Doom, Ninja Gardening Simulator,… Continue Reading →

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