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Rodney vs Kfc – RUFF N TUMBLE inspired work in progress on the Atari ST

Another early heads up and no not Doom related, as thanks to petsasjim1who was kind enough to reply in one of our articles, he has told us Padman and team have released an early work in progress game of ‘… Continue Reading →

DOOM 64 – 1997 Nintendo 64 cult classic is coming to modern platforms!

Taking us completely by surprise as usually we follow SGtMarkIV’s ‘Brutal Doom 64’ ; a mod which took the original N64 game, put it through a bloody enhanced blender and made it available for the PC. As we’ve just been told… Continue Reading →

Frostbite – Yet another Atari to C64 conversion from Chopper Command team is coming!

Glorious news if you have a C64 or an Emulator to hand, as we’ve just been told through Facebook that the same team behind the Atari to C64 conversion of Chopper Command and the previously released Keystone Kapers, has announced… Continue Reading →

AQUABYSS – Previously announced Amiga game by AgedCode gets new screenshots

Last year we were the first site to officially announce a new Amiga called ‘ AQUABYSS ‘, a game which at the time we didn’t have a lot of information about, but we were able to show a rather nice… Continue Reading →

Max Downforce – Racing game with classic Arcade inspirations gets a Windows release

During the late 80’s Namco released a brilliant arcade racing game called Pole Position; a game which was designed by Tōru Iwatani, designer of Pac-Man, and ending up as one of the most popular arcade racing games of 1982-3. It… Continue Reading →

Chuckie Egg – An eggy PC Remake released today!

It’s incredible to think that Chuckie Egg was a game released years ago in 1983, initially for the ZX Spectrum, the BBC Micro, the Dragon then other systems. Well now after a surprising tease via the GameJolt website. We’ve come… Continue Reading →

Body Blows – Kicking ass in this retro review from DarkwyndPT

I would like to start this review with a letter I wrote to Team17 some years ago (not really, but let’s imagine I did): “Dear Team17, My name is DarkwyndPT (not my real name, obviously) and I’m a big fan… Continue Reading →

Lynx Quest – A new Atari Lynx game preview available as v1.04

Atari Lynx gamers you may be interested in this news update, as we’ve just been given the heads up by Saberman, that the action adventure game of ‘ Lynx Quest ‘, which was created for 30th Lynx Competition by AtariGamer,… Continue Reading →

The Secret of Monkey Island – An adventure Pirate classic reviewed by Cola Powered Gamer

When discussing adventure games, one game will always come up, The Secret of Monkey Island. The Secret of Monkey Island or simply Monkey Island I was developed by Lucasfilm Games (later LucasArts) and released in 1990. Created by now industry… Continue Reading →

Kung Fu Master – Upcoming Amiga conversion of a classic Arcade game gets an update

While many of you are still playing the excellent Arcade conversion of ‘Rygar’, there’s another conversion you might be interested in playing, although not yet finished, and that’s Kung Fu Master by Seko. Yes indeed this game which appeared in… Continue Reading →

Bruce Lee RX – An enhanced ZX Spectrum Bruce Lee gets a release

As we said before, we’ve certainly featured the 1984 game of Bruce Lee more than a few times now, especially with games such as Eel Ecurb for the Atari XL/XE and Bruce Lee – Return of Fury released on the… Continue Reading →

Internet Archive adds over 2,500 Dos games to play in your Browser!

Back in November of 2014 we mentioned some of the best websites to play classic retro systems online. Systems such as the CPC, NES, MSX and loads more were completely playable directly through your browser. One such site called "The… Continue Reading →

Venganza – Text based adventure game by Physical Dreams gets an English MSX release

Command Text Based Adventure games are back in fashion it seems, especially with the latest games mentioned such as Spooky Adventure and Knight Orc to name but a few. But now we turn our attention to another text based adventure… Continue Reading →

RESHOOT PROXIMA III – The next Amiga game from RESHOOT R creator Richard Löwenstein?

While many of you are still enjoying RESHOOT R, the previous game from Richard Löwenstein that featured high grade shoot em up action with smooth scrolling and top quality music. You may also be interested to know that he is now… Continue Reading →

Black Dawn Rebirth – Double Sided Games latest Amiga crawler exclusive look today!

Double Sided Games have been busy these last few months, what with the release of Realms of Quest V and the Amiga/C64 release of Vegetables Deluxe. But those games are not the only ones worth mentioning on Indie Retro News…. Continue Reading →

Unnamed Role-Playing Game – A very early preview of a yet unknown C64 game!

Although many of you are still waiting for Sarah Jane Avory’s upcoming RPG of ‘Briley Witch Chronicles’, another game has surfaced which may make for an interesting RPG if it actually gets a future release. Titled so far as ‘ Unnamed… Continue Reading →

Rocket ‘N Roll – A new SEUCK game by Richard Bayliss for the C64

Another game to add to a long list of C64 designed shoot em ups, as we’ve recently been told by Saberman that The New Dimension has released a brand new shoot em up called ‘ Rocket ‘N Roll ‘ for the… Continue Reading →

Rygar AGA – Tecmo’s Arcade game as an Amiga conversion is finally here!

On the 23rd of December 2018, we surprised the community with an announcement that Tecmo’s 1986 Arcade game of ‘ Rygar the Legendary Warrior ‘, was unofficially coming to the Amiga after having been released on many different systems including… Continue Reading →

Bruce Lee RX – An enhanced ZX Spectrum Bruce Lee has been announced!

We’ve certainly featured the 1984 game of Bruce Lee more than a few times now, especially with games such as Eel Ecurb for the Atari XL/XE and Bruce Lee – Return of Fury released on the C64. But now we… Continue Reading →

REMOTE LIFE – A super duper PC Shoot em up has been released (+Demo)

Other than adventure games and platformers, ive also had a great fondness for shoot em ups, from retro games such as R-Type and Project-X to modern inspirations such as the fabulous Super Hydorah. There isn’t a Shoot em up that… Continue Reading →

Hyperborea – An upcoming Bullet Hell shooter gets an Amiga update

The Amiga is certainly living the high life at the moment,what with all the homebrew games previously released and ones yet to come. But there’s another game that may grace our Commodore screens at some point in the near future,… Continue Reading →

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