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You play as an engineer on his expedition to the Siberia. You travel to the abandoned zone where is a remote science station. The signal was lost weeks ago. This is how it looks like when you finally arrive. Do you like this kind of atmosphere in a game?

submitted by /u/enigmaticMachine [link] [comments]

I see nothing wrong with this

submitted by /u/The_CheeseMaster [link] [comments]

It’s been almost two years since we started working on our Wild West game. I’m pretty proud of how far it’s come!

submitted by /u/lavabootswill [link] [comments]

Me and my girlfriend have been working on this game for 5 years, it’s our first game and we have published the first chapter on Steam for free, to say thank you to everyone supporting us!

submitted by /u/bulka_tarta [link] [comments]

What do you think about the scope?

submitted by /u/Alsharefee [link] [comments]

Landscape evolution, continuous searching for a realistic visual and performance [ own C++ engine & program shaders in GLSL]

submitted by /u/CodeArts [link] [comments]

Sunset water color test

submitted by /u/Sexual_Lettuce [link] [comments]

3dSen emulator – breathing new life into classic NES games – Batman

submitted by /u/tructv [link] [comments]

May the exploration begin!

submitted by /u/RedFanny_ [link] [comments]

Fire Animation – Pixel Art FX Sprites 🔥 v 1.0 RELEASED!

submitted by /u/brullov [link] [comments]

Two friends of mine have been working for about 3 years on this. It it is mixture of Chivalry meets physics games such as Gang Beasts.

submitted by /u/D13_Michael [link] [comments]

Our indiedev dreams have come true! We’ve just released our first game on a Nintendo console! 🥂😍

submitted by /u/Other_Tales [link] [comments]

Hello everyone! These are some portals from various stages in our upcoming FPS project! More to come soon, let us know what you think!

submitted by /u/HorosInteractive [link] [comments]

Some new gameplay from open world RPG I’m working on called Gedonia

submitted by /u/OlegKazakov1990 [link] [comments]

Five years ago I’ve broke up with real life to make my game, and…

submitted by /u/Defentures [link] [comments]

I left my job at Riot to build a game where you play as a human or a shape-shifting alien in disguise. We are heading into Beta soon and need some help finding and squashing some HUGE 🐛🐛

submitted by /u/JeseniaLain [link] [comments]

Im exploring gameplay where buildings and water can interact

submitted by /u/SoaringPixels [link] [comments]

Progress on my clothformer, Lazr

submitted by /u/_mrgrak [link] [comments]

It’s too memeable not to be done.

submitted by /u/CrankedUpGame [link] [comments]

Testing the evil eye chasing the player. Do you feel it a little bit weird when the pupil is in the corners?

submitted by /u/joshjourneygame [link] [comments]

I’m developing an action game with stylish combo system, just like DMC.

submitted by /u/YarTarse [link] [comments]

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