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Best of Indie Games 2019: What are some of your favorite indie games this year?

Hello gamers! This thread is intended to serve as a discussion thread with all things indie gaming. Please share your favorite indie games from 2019 here. Self-promotion comments will be removed per moderator discretion. submitted by /u/pussgurka [link]… Continue Reading →

All the game’s enemies stuffed into one room :P

submitted by /u/Lizzard4000 [link] [comments]

Thanks to everyone here for being so supportive, this year! 🧡

submitted by /u/LanternStudioGames [link] [comments]

We made a Rogue-like inspired by Indian Mythology with Procedural skill tree called – ASURA!

submitted by /u/zainfahadh [link] [comments]

The VR Game I have worked for 1 year now has finally a Free Demo, would love to hear your feedback!

submitted by /u/acetylan [link] [comments]

Is this an Indie Game anyone is aware of? My friend who owns a pet roach desperately wants to know and I apologize if this is not the right place to post it. The instagram account we saw it on is not very helpful. Also if you know any roach based games, please comment.

submitted by /u/NRGFalcon [link] [comments]

Choosing when to strike is the key to victory.

submitted by /u/TinyMontana [link] [comments]

Today is my third birthday working on Biomass… as a present I want you to play the demo

submitted by /u/CleanShirt21 [link] [comments]

I’ve added a winter mode to my typing game

submitted by /u/Goldoche [link] [comments]

Here is a trailer we’ve been made so far. And we’re now on Kickstarter!

submitted by /u/oyksh2 [link] [comments]

I’ve been shut-in for 10 years and making this shut-in-themed game for 2 years in my room now

submitted by /u/nitoso [link] [comments]

After 2 years of testing and refining our concept, this third year has really seen our first full game, Wavey The Rocket, come together. We are entering the final months of production and couldn’t be more excited but it’s also nerve-wracking.

submitted by /u/WaveyTheRocket_DEV [link] [comments]

The world of Undungeon will be full of all sorts of hazards

submitted by /u/Antishyr [link] [comments]

About six months ago I started learning game development and today I’m excited to share these proc gen planets I made in my space game. What do you think?

submitted by /u/ajrdesign [link] [comments]

I added configurable controls to my game and am so proud!

submitted by /u/ChocolatePinecone [link] [comments]

We are pretty far in the development of our colony survival game, The Bonfire 2

submitted by /u/dovahMorghulis [link] [comments]

After years of development we have finally released StretchBot our retro action platformer on iOS and Android!

submitted by /u/m5j [link] [comments]

Putting together an animation training series as I work on my game to share some of my animation experience with other developers. (full video link in comments)

submitted by /u/J_Escape_ [link] [comments]

It’s all coming together! This week I added Interactive grass, lighting, enemies, particles, roll attack and tileset!

submitted by /u/DieselLaws [link] [comments]

Slender Threads: point-and-click thriller adventure game!

submitted by /u/ldebrasi [link] [comments]

Some footage of our sinking ship horror game [Under]

submitted by /u/ohymywowz [link] [comments]

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