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Need even more Ludum Dare? Here are more picks from the competition!

With over 1000 games developed as a part of Ludum Dare 45, it’s more than a little tough to sort through all of them. Last week we highlighted a couple of our favorites but I took a look through mor… Recommends: the future of point-and-click, the puzzles of the past

I was going to try to do this thing in October where I recommended a new horror game each week until Halloween, but life had other plans. I fully intended to check out some of the promising horror gam…

Over 1000 new games are on courtesy of Ludum Dare 45! Here are some of our favorites

The dust has settled on Ludum Dare 45 and there are over 1000 new games on because of it. As is always the case with the week after Ludum Dare, the stack of new games is an intimidating Everest… Continue Reading → Recommends: dating and dying!

Fall has arrived at the office which means it’s time for drinking tea, dressing in fashionable layers, and getting spooked by a series of terrifying games. I can’t help you with the tea or layers but I can certainly… Continue Reading →

Code your way to strategic victories in Bot Land: an interview with Adam Damiano

I can’t think of many games where professionals have cameras pointed at their hands. Starcraft is one of the few I’ve seen that puts pros’ digits on display, and one quick look will tell you why. If you want to… Continue Reading → Recommends: a double-dose of adventure!

Set sail for adventure with this week’s Recommendations! This time we’re heading underground and underwater with a pair of games that look for exploration through mechanics. If you want to go diving, Nauticrawl is a complex submarine adventure, and… Continue Reading →

Nowhere Prophet grew through early access to become a great deckbuilder

Back in the olden days people used to have to wait until a game was done to be able to play it. But we live in more enlightened times now. Sure there are pros and cons to buying (or releasing)… Continue Reading → Recommends: hand-drawn hits!

I don’t usually plan out themes for these articles but every now and again the stars align and something perfect happens. This week we’re featuring two games who both happen to have hand-drawn art. Lucky, right? Coincidentally, both games are… Continue Reading →

Need something to do with the rest of 2019? Try a game jam!

Jammers gather around, because we’ve prowled the Jams page and I’m back with the spoils of our hunt. If you want to see every jam currently scheduled on the site you can check out the Jams page yourself, but… Continue Reading → Recommends: Cars, Spaceships, and… Ducks?

This time of year is always an interesting one for indies. Historically the end of the year is dominated by AAA releases, but every year is different and 2019 is already showing off some really strong games. This week we… Continue Reading →

A quarter century making games: a conversation with Spiderweb Software

Few developers have had as long of a history as Jeff Vogel and Spiderweb Software. Their 25 year run has produced scores of hardcore RPGs and they show no signs of stopping. This week they released their newest project, Queen’s… Continue Reading → Recommends: Tennis Kings

It’s time to live your dream in this week’s Recommends post. Well, you’ll live your dream so long as you’re thinking of becoming a monarch or playing tennis. You know, those two common dreams. Anyway, read on for this… Continue Reading → Recommends: The fastest games around

Here’s hoping you like frantically paced games because this week has a duo of games ready for you that will test just how fast you can think. First up is Wilmot’s Warehouse, the tale of a warehouse worker dealing with… Continue Reading → Recommends: Even more non-gaming projects!

Every few months I like to take some time to feature some awesome non-gaming content. Yes is mostly a site for video games, but that’s far from the only thing we host. There are comics, albums, art assets, and… Continue Reading → Recommends: games with awesome artstyles

I hope you love games with distinct artstyles because that’s we’ve got two of them ready and waiting for you. Each is a little different — one is a gross dungeon crawler, and the other is a cute friendship-simulator– but… Continue Reading →

Zach Barth on how Zachtronics have shocked and surprised with Eliza

My praise for Zachtronics’ Eliza seems to know no bounds. I wrote in my recommendation on Tuesday, “Eliza stands as one of the best written games I’ve played this year.” It’s a game that has really sat with me for… Continue Reading → Recommends: therapy and crabs

When you boot up a new game, you never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes it’s a wacky arcade romp, other times it’s a personal narrative experience. This week’s recommendations mirror this duality. One game is a mature look… Continue Reading →

Dicey Dungeons is a brilliant introduction to Roguelikes and Deckbuilders

In what has been a long time coming, this week marks the full release of Dicey Dungeons . Indie superstar Terry Cavanagh (and team) has turned from puzzles and action to craft what is one of the most accessible… Continue Reading → Recommends some of the games from GMTK Jam 2019

We’re breaking records all over the place at with last week’s GMTK Jam 2019 coming in as our biggest jam ever. With nearly 2700 entries GMTK Jam 2019 games represent a massive amount of game for anyone to play… Continue Reading →

Remaking Shakespeare: How Golden Glitch made Elsinore

If you regularly read the Recommends posts every week you likely remember Elsinore , a game about Ophelia from Hamlet trying to solve her way out of a time loop. I ended up really enjoying my time with the… Continue Reading → Recommends: cults and relaxation, jungles and islands

This week’s recommendations are an unlikely duo. One is a tense exploration of faith and cults, the other is about chilling out in the woods. See what I mean? The thing that unites them both is just how good they… Continue Reading →

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