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Hit 2020 running with a list of our favorite games from 2019!

With 2019 done and dusted we’re feeling a bit nostalgic for the year that was. Sure we’re only a week into the new year, but what better way to start moving forward than by looking back? Here are…

Announcing the Holiday Sale and Holiday Selects Bundle!

We’ve almost made it through 2019 so it’s time to celebrate! We considered inviting everyone over to HQ but considering that HQ isn’t a physical location that might be a little t… Recommends: a pack of cute animals

Sometimes you need some cuteness in your life. Maybe you want a break from real life, or perhaps you’re just super into adorable as an aesthetic. Either way, this week’s recommendations are a pair…

Check out on Youtube!

We do a pretty good job of featuring games around here. From our front page, to our blog and digest emails we have tons of ways for you to get your gaming fix. But sometimes the best way to learn… Continue Reading → Recommends: tabletop and jam games

We’re almost into 2020 but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to slack off on recommending games for you. We’re back with another pair of recommendations to help fill these long winter nights…

Pick up 7 tabletop hits for $8 in the Tabletop Selects Bundle!

Grab your dice, call your friends, and get ready for the Tabletop Selects Bundle ! This entry in our series of bundles highlights the best in analog gaming. There’s something for everyone wi…

Fall into a brand new game jam

It’s a busy time of year for games. There are games coming out left, right, and center, and more holidays than I know what to do with. It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day in the las… Recommends: smiling and puzzling

We’ve been hard at work on some secret projects at HQ (don’t worry, you’ll hear about them soon) but that hasn’t stopped us from checking out some games for you to play! Are you ready… changelog: Library & Recommendations enhancements, improved jam browsing, & more

Hello everyone, welcome back to the changelog. We’ve got an assortment of updates for you today. No big feature launches as we were quite busy with the Halloween Sale , but there are some th… Recommends: Games about dungeons, real life

This week is a double feature of game recommendations. One is a polished take on a familiar formula and the other looks at the real life financial trouble plaguing the people of Chile. Yeah it’s an…

There are 200,000 games on Here’s how to find your new favorite

This week we passed 200,000 games on That’s well, that’s a ton of games. Truly more than one human can play in their lifetime. So how do you find which games are your jam? Well let’s ta… Recommends: Family histories and great free games

How about that Halloween sale, huh? What about that great Selects Bundle? There sure was a lot going on last week. Now I know we didn’t have any posts for you, but let’s make up for it wit…

The 2019 Halloween Sale is on now!

I hope you’re feeling brave, because it’s the spookiest time of the year: The Halloween Sale! That’s right, ghosts and ghouls have once again descended upon the offices and have…

Return of the changelog: Markdown, Sub Prducts, Jam Upates & more

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we’ve had a formal post on our Updates Blog . We haven’t been sitting around doing nothing, in fact we’ve added a ton of stuff. I ran into this issue wh… Recommends: Histories and Mysteries!

October is winding down which means we’re running out of time to thematically recommend horror games. You know how we’re going to celebrate that? By recommending more non-spooky games. Sorry horro…

Need even more Ludum Dare? Here are more picks from the competition!

With over 1000 games developed as a part of Ludum Dare 45, it’s more than a little tough to sort through all of them. Last week we highlighted a couple of our favorites but I took a look through mor… Recommends: the future of point-and-click, the puzzles of the past

I was going to try to do this thing in October where I recommended a new horror game each week until Halloween, but life had other plans. I fully intended to check out some of the promising horror gam…

Over 1000 new games are on courtesy of Ludum Dare 45! Here are some of our favorites

The dust has settled on Ludum Dare 45 and there are over 1000 new games on because of it. As is always the case with the week after Ludum Dare, the stack of new games is an intimidating Everest… Continue Reading → Recommends: dating and dying!

Fall has arrived at the office which means it’s time for drinking tea, dressing in fashionable layers, and getting spooked by a series of terrifying games. I can’t help you with the tea or layers but I can certainly… Continue Reading →

Code your way to strategic victories in Bot Land: an interview with Adam Damiano

I can’t think of many games where professionals have cameras pointed at their hands. Starcraft is one of the few I’ve seen that puts pros’ digits on display, and one quick look will tell you why. If you want to… Continue Reading → Recommends: a double-dose of adventure!

Set sail for adventure with this week’s Recommendations! This time we’re heading underground and underwater with a pair of games that look for exploration through mechanics. If you want to go diving, Nauticrawl is a complex submarine adventure, and… Continue Reading →

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