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Artificial Extinction – A Solo Developer Aiming For a AAA Look

Unique game play of a Tower Defense played as a First Person shooter. The player must strategically setup Lethal Autonomous Weapons to defend them self from attacking enemy AI robotics. To succeed you must use military battlefield tactics, strategy, manage… Continue Reading →

BRUTAL RAGE – First trailer (XboxOne, PS4, Switch & PC)

Hello everybody, finaly the first official trailer of BRUTAL RAGE is available ! take a look !

Dev Diary #2 – STEAM and Release date

Hey guys. I have big news. Starexcess has a page on steam !!! In this news I talk a little about the release date.

Announcement? Its almost out…

Finishing a game and remembering that I haven't done any marketing stuff yet… got to fix that somehow.

Arktrum – physically based action game

Finally, the first video with a demonstration of the gameplay has been released!

Teasing the Halloween Update

This time we’re here with a short tease of the upcoming Halloween Update for Glorious Companions. Aside from the Halloween-themed additions, we’ll also release a brand new gameplay mechanic - the Camping system.

Space Grunts 2 update v0.4.0: Captain, we encounter a big boss!

Captain, this week we introduce the big bad boss into space, see if you can confront him and take him down. We also have a new arsenal of cards and a host of fixes and tweaks ready for you to… Continue Reading →

Events and interactive map

We’ve been busy with two very important things: random match events and improved environmental detail.

Devlog #4 – The Bait

It’s time to share with you some fresh details of our progress with the development of the game, so here goes the brand new Devlog! This time we will tell you a little about the bait - rest assured, it’s… Continue Reading →

Battle Soul Memories Release

Loot powerful and unique gear, fight your way through a variety of dungeons and slay the strongest bosses!

Hero’s Story Early Access Available

Today i launched my second game on Steam Eraly Access! More info below.

The Pedestrian Devlog : Fall Update

Brand new monthly update video! There's a special announcemnt inside so be sure to watch or read below to get caught up.

Exclusive Indiedatabase demo

Free exclusive demo for Sinister Halloween only on the indie database. Don't be afraid of the haunted Forrest. Be brave, be courageous and survive this halloween night. Try one of the unique levels in the game. Pick up our demo… Continue Reading →

Astrox Imperium DEVLOG 61 (10/21/19)

In this video, I play 'catch up' with build 81 to document a few new quality of life additions to the Halloween build.

New SUPERVERSE trailer released

Superverse Industries has released a video trailer for their highly anticipated space arcade game SUPERVERSE.

DEV VIDEO LOG: Reworking Combat Elements in Harmonic Odyssey

A few bells and whistles can go a long way towards making your combat system stand out. We've finally put some work into ours!

October 2019 Development Update

Not just pictures this time around, get ready for the audio/visuals!

Cyberpunk multistate madness

Use your card hand and multistate objects, now possible in a cyberpunk world!

Fragment’s Moonrise | #27 Multitudes of Foes

One of the core features of this game revolves around fighting many enemies- and in this post, we’d like to begin showing and discussing fights against large armies of foes.


MPAliens - 2D Arena Platformer. It's a local party game with intense PVP matches, hardest COOP missions and different Bosses on different maps.

Snake: The Elder Forest is now available on Steam!

The Elder Forest is a special world with ancient forest that is in danger. To save this world the Snake was called from another one. So before the danger is coming, you should become more powerful to be ready to… Continue Reading →

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