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Dev Log #53 :: Colonist Improvements

A peek at some of the things coming in the next content update.

Play the Last Open Beta Tomorrow, December 11th-15th!

The time is finally here- we're so excited to say our third and LAST Open Beta starts TOMORROW! You'll have FIVE whole days to explore Midgard and save your Village from the Giants!

DevLog 1: Hello IndieDB

As we expand our social-media-sphere (is that even a thing?) we got many recommendations to post our game on IndieDB! So.. here we are!

Vault map modeled

Vault map is modeled and is now being textured. Fly-through recordings of the map not textured and uv-unwrapped.

The Coin Game

All New Claw Machines, Dude Where's My Cow? and new hand animations 1 New Machine and 2 rebuilt claw machines plus hand animations for all button and joystick machines.

Interactive Streaming Events in The Riftbreaker – Overview

The Riftbreaker features interactive streaming events for use with popular streaming platforms. Find out how they work and what we use them for.

Trenches, Trenches, Trenches

DISCLAIMER: All of the content below is heavily conceptual and may never be in the game. All images and text are stand-in. Please read this before taking the images out of context!

AK2 Space Demo Unit Select Screen

This is a short video showing off the unit/weapon select screen. Where you will be able to select a few different types of spacecraft for the game.

"Star Control" Strategic Game Mode

Deploy space stations and command fleets in Star Legion's strategic game mode, Star Control!

Development Update 12

In this update the SKS has received the 10p8 optic, and the SVD has received the PSO-1 optic. We've also added more equipment in the form of a flask and holster, as well as finished implementing the SVU rifle.

Foraging & the Oil Press

Time to talk Crafting - specifically, Oil Crafting! And what goes better with Oil Crafting than Foraging - so we're going to discuss that as well, in this weeks DevBlog!

Videos In Progress

In which the trailer video makes progress; a new combat video is underway; level two may be done; popup-menu items no longer look like buttons; scroll-bars can be operated by mouse-wheel; and the game-window is now "decorated".

First Gameplay

First look at the early gameplay footage of the new upcoming rogue like card game called Doors Of Insanity.

Raiders Are Coming, They Need Places to Raid!

A quick write up and some pictures showing what's coming soon to Terminal.

New characters to meet in Esperia!

Introducing to you the first characters of our turn-based tactical RPG, lead them carefully and get to know them in the story!

Swamps and Systems (Ardenfall RPG Devlog 11)

Devlog 11 brings updates on our swamp environments, as well as new foliage additions. Several new major systems have been implemented, such as the Quest System 2.0, Dialog System 3.0, and we've begun work on the new AI Package system.

Special Alpha Version of Randy & Manilla

Articles about the updates of the Special Alpha of Randy & Manilla.

Jetboard Joust: Release Date and Beta Signup Announced

BiBull Ltd are proud to announce 'Jetboard Joust' - an intense, old-school, arcade-style SHMUP in which you must master a vast array of ridiculous weaponry in order to defeat a race of aliens intent on abducting your babies and turning… Continue Reading →

Police Van Teaser + IndieDB Indie of the Year

Get a sneak peek of the December Update here! Drivable police vans and more.

We finally have a steam page and a new trailer!

We've been working on The Equinox Hunt for almost 2 years and we finally reached the point where we've launched the steam page and a new trailer with it!

The New Chapter: About Steam, Demo and Others – Roadwarden Devlog

As you may know, pretty much the entire development of the game, aside of music, was in my hands. Thankfully, the game now has a publisher. Assemble Entertainment has set up the game’s store page on Steam, including trailer, logo… Continue Reading →

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