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Sentient – Playable Teaser Download

Sentient is a very tense and unsettling psychological horror experience that takes place in a strange test facility and explores themes of technology and human consciousness. The full game of Sentient is still very much shrouded in secrecy, but the… Continue Reading →

SSTR – Alpha Demo

SSTR is a first person Sci-Fi horror puzzle adventure which sees you trapped aboard a mysterious colony spaceship that’s controlled by an AI which is trying to kill everybody onboard. In SSTR you are a lone protagnist on a spaceship… Continue Reading →

Mother Is That You? – Kickstarter Demo

Mother Is That You? is a very freaky 2D pixel art horror adventure which follows a little girl as she confronts her nightmares and seeks her mother within the festering halls of an old abandoned asylum. In Mother Is That… Continue Reading →

King of the Board – Alpha Sign Up

King of the Board is an upcoming Auto Chess stye auto-battler where you balance elements of management and strategy as you attempt conquer your opponents and become king of the board. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Dota Auto Chess,… Continue Reading →

A Space for the Unbound: Prologue – Beta Demo

A Space for the Unbound is a beautifully animated narrative-driven pixel art adventure set in 90’s rural Indonesia, which tells a tale of an imaginative, but anxiety-stricken girl and a boy who can dive into the minds of people to… Continue Reading →

Earth Exodus – Alpha Download

Earth Exodus is a stylish little Sci-Fi first person platforming adventure where you climb a tower that was created to allow for the mass exodus of Earth before an incoming apocalyptic event. Created for the Lunar New Year Jam, Earth… Continue Reading →

Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition – Beta Sign Up

RTS fans rejoice! Beta testing for the upcoming Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition is due to start soon and you can sign up now for a chance to join in the fun. There’s very little info available about Age… Continue Reading →

Snail’s Nightmare – Game Jam Build Download

Snail’s Nightmare is a challenging and fast paced arcade action game where you collect upgrades and collectibles while dodging laser beams in a snail’s neon nightmare. Created for the Wowie Jam 2.0, Snail’s Nightmare sees you taking on the role… Continue Reading →

Circle Empires Rivals – Open Beta

Circle Empires Rivals is a very addictive multiplayer sequel to Circle Empires, a fast paced RTS that takes place in worlds made up of interconnected circular territories which you fight for control of against your enemies. Featured on Alpha Beta… Continue Reading →

Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines – Alpha Sign Up

Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines is a tactical third-person military shooter with a dark and gritty story that revolves around a NAVY Seals special operations unit. There are few hard details available about Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines at the… Continue Reading →

VSYNC: OFF – Game Jam Build Download

VSYNC: OFF is a clever little puzzle platforming adventure where you use screen tearing glitches to shift the top half of the screen, break walls and solve puzzles. Created for the Wowie Jam 2.0, in VSYNC: OFF you control a… Continue Reading →

lil’ Sherman – Alpha Download

lil’ Sherman features a challenging fusion of tower defense and third person tank combat as you blow up tanks, scavenge resources and build defenses to protect your base from enemy attacks. Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Alpha… Continue Reading →

1 bit, 2 bit, 3 bit, Four – Game Jam Build Download

1 bit, 2 bit, 3 bit, Four is a charming and strange little glitchy puzzle platformer where you use a very unique jump mechanic to help you access areas of the game you shouldn’t be in. Created for the Wowie… Continue Reading →

Heptagon – Alpha Demo

Heptagon is an incredibly tough, eye-melting arcade game that could best be described as Super Hexagon on steroids, with it using a variety of perspective distortion mechanics while you try to dodge oncoming obstacles and survive for as long as… Continue Reading →

Debt Detective – Game Jam Build Download

Debt Detective is a charming and thought provoking little first person experience where you are a debt collector who must decide whether to collect or defer the payments due to you. Created for Ryans’s Lil Jam V2, Debt Detective puts… Continue Reading →

Under – Beta Sign Up

Under is an excellent looking new first person horror game which follows a traumatized WWI veteran as he tries to escape from a sinking Titanic-esque turn-of-the-century ocean liner that’s plagued with malicious supernatural entities. Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer… Continue Reading →

Neko Yume 猫夢 – Game Jam Build Download

Neko Yume 猫夢 is a beautiful and bizarre adventure that draws inspiration from the PS1 classic LSD Dream Emulator and sees you searching for four lost cats in a partially randomized dream world. Created by Modus Interactive (creator of Groaning… Continue Reading →

Outer Bounds – Game Jam Build

Outer Bounds is a clever little puzzle platforming adventure where you push yourself into solids to help gain momentum and jump huge distances. Created for the Wowie Jam 2.0, Outer Bounds is a short and cleverly crafted little puzzle platformer… Continue Reading →

Interloper – Beta Sign Up (iOS)

Interloper is an intense and action packed space combat simulator that allows iOS users to jump into an agile fighter and take part in massive space battles. In Interloper you will fight for your life against waves of Commonwealth ships… Continue Reading →

Twin 1986 – Game Jam Build Download

Twin 1986 is a stylish, challenging and inventive dual character precision puzzle platformer where you use the momentum of one character to propel the other into the air. In Twin 1986 you control two characters simultaneously as they attempt to… Continue Reading →

Project Grove – Kickstarter Demo

Project Grove is a beautiful and chilled-out first person puzzle platforming adventure which follows a legendary alchemist and his helpful robot companion as they discover the secrets hidden within a mysterious ancient forest. In Project Grove you jump into the… Continue Reading →

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