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UrGothic Battle Royale – Beta Sign Up

UrGothic Battle Royale is a dark fantasy battle royale game where up to 100 players do battle in a world shaped by Gothic, Viking and Tolkein mythology, using a mixture of magic, melee and ranged combat. The 100 player battle… Continue Reading →

The Well – Game Jam Build Download

Some games bring you on a strange journey, captivating you as you try to figure out what happens next. The Well is an abstract adventure game where wild stuff just seems to keep happening, without any explanation. At first, The… Continue Reading →

Speed Limit – Alpha Demo

Speed Limit is an adrenaline-fuelled arcade game that blends together a variety of different retro action gaming genres – from blasting missile boats with an attack chopper to side-scrolling shoot-outs on speeding trains. The gameplay in Speed Limit is all… Continue Reading →

My Zombie Wife – Beta Download (Android)

My Zombie Wife is a wonderfully weird 2D adventure where you set out into a zombie infested post-apocalyptic world in search of resources that you can use to craft a cure for your beloved wife, who has turned into a… Continue Reading →

Scarred – Beta Demo

Scarred is a creepy hand drawn psychological horror adventure which follows a cop as he investigates a domestic disturbance in a very strange household. In Scarred you take on the role of officer Clay Begrav, who is called out to… Continue Reading →

Mad Experiments: Escape Room – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 2000 Steam Beta keys to give away for Mad Experiments: Escape Room, a very challenging virtual escape room that requires real problem solving and detective work as you attempt to escape within an hour. Playable in single-player or… Continue Reading →

Gone Viral – Beta Sign Up

Gone Viral is a fast paced isometric roguelite brawler where you fight for your life (and the entertainment of the masses) and weaponize your enemies by whacking them into each-other or into the various deathtraps scattered around the prison arena…. Continue Reading →

Karlson – Alpha Download

Karlson is a wonderfully chaotic physics based parkour first person shooter where you use wall-runs, grapple guns and explosions to propel you through the levels. Essentially a 3D remake of the 2D version of Karlson (from the same dev, Dani)… Continue Reading →

Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble – Beta Download

Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble is now in Open Beta, so now everyone can jump in the ring for some fast paced multiplayer Sumo wrestling fun! Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Circle of… Continue Reading →

Swords of Gurrah – Beta Sign Up (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Valve Index)

Swords of Gurrah is a melee-focused VR Sci-Fi gladiator game where you face off against men and beasts in-front of blood-thirsty crowds. In Swords of Gurrah you are essentially a futuristic gladiator who fights for glory in brutal battles that… Continue Reading →

Portable – Student Game Download

Portable is a charming little tower defense survival adventure where you explore the world by day and each night you set up a new base to defend you from monster attacks. In Portable you take control of an adorable little… Continue Reading →

Hollow Hills – Beta Download

Hollow Hills is a Silent Hill inspired third person survival horror adventure where you find yourself trapped in a living nightmare while searching for your missing sister in a mysterious town. In Hollow Hills you take on the role of… Continue Reading →

Pause Screen From Battletoads/Double Dragon – Game Jam Build Download

Pause Screen From Battletoads/Double Dragon is a very inventive puzzle adventure game where you try to make your way through a glitchy arcade world created from an amalgamation of Golden Axe and Battletoads Vs Double Dragon. It may look like… Continue Reading →

Return – Game Jam Build Download

Return is an atmospheric little low rez puzzle adventure where you search for parts to modify a satellite uplink to call for a lift after crashing into the moon. Created for the Low Rez Jam, Return sees you exploring the… Continue Reading →

Outpost Glacier – Alpha Download

Outpost Glacier is a first person open world survival game where you scavenge, craft, build and hunt in a frozen wasteland. Forget global warming, the icy world of Outpost Glacier has undergone some serious global cooling, with the entire planet… Continue Reading →

Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army – Student Game Download

Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army is a fun little third person action adventure that sees you leading an army of demonic minions as you attempt to avenge the death of your father, The King of Hell. In Dark Princess: Hell’s… Continue Reading →

ShutterNyang – Beta Demo

ShutterNyang is a charming feline puzzle platforming adventure where you control a cat who can take pictures of objects in the environment and then paste them onto other areas. In ShutterNyang you are a cute little black cat who ends… Continue Reading →

Powder VR – Beta Sign Up (Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality & Valve Index)

Powder VR is a great looking new VR winter sports simulation game which will allow players to ski, snowboard and wingsuit their way down snow-covered mountain-sides. Coming to Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality and Valve Index, Powder VR allows… Continue Reading →

The Wilhelm Contract – Alpha Download

The Wilhelm Contract is a creepy little retro styled first person horror game where you take on the role of an exorcist who uses mirrors to see ghosts lurking in the darkness. In The Wilhelm Contract you are an exorcist… Continue Reading →

Alfredo’s Stupendous Surprise – Game Jam Build

Alfredo’s Stupendous Surprise is a Bandersnatch-esque Pico-8 based choose your own adventure game where you go on a little journey where every choice you make can mean the difference between life and death. Alfredo’s Stupendous Surprise is actually a remake… Continue Reading →

Beat Me! – Beta Sign Up

Beat Me! is a stylish physics based multiplayer platform fighter where up to six players do battle in a wide variety of bizarre environments. Currently in development by Red Limb Studios (creators of Rise of Insanity), Beat Me! is a fast… Continue Reading →

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