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Out of the Game – Student Game Download

Out of the Game is a fun little first person puzzle game where you play games within the game to escape from a game within a game! Created as a project for the Glasgow School of Art, Out of the… Continue Reading →

Hoop League Tactics – Beta Sign Up (iOS & Android)

Hoop League Tactics is a fun looking turn-based tactical basketball game for mobile devices, which allows you to take control of your very own basketball team and lead them to glory. Coming to iOS and Android, Hoop League Tactics blends… Continue Reading →

8Doors – Beta Demo

8Doors is a beautifully animated hand drawn action platforming metroidvania based on Korean folklore where you fight your way through a monster-filled purgatory. In 8Doors you take on the role of Arum, a young girl who has lost her father… Continue Reading →

Fault – Alpha Sign Up

Fault is a new 5v5 third person action MOBA that aims to deliver an evolution of the core gameplay found in Epic’s now defunct Paragon game. Created by fans of Paragon, Fault is a new game that aims to bring… Continue Reading →

Reactor – Prototype Download

Reactor is a fun little pixel art puzzle adventure where you attempt to collect graphite fragments from the irradiated remains of a nuclear reactor. In Reactor you don a bright yellow hazard suit and enter the remains of an exploded… Continue Reading →

Bloodshot Eyes – Beta Download

Bloodshot Eyes is a freaky Spanish horror game which sees you attempting to escape from an old abandoned house after a party. In Bloodshot Eyes you wake up alone in a creepy old abandoned house that you and some friends… Continue Reading →

Good Knight – Beta Download

Good Knight is an intense genre-bending single-button bullet hell hack n’ slash shoot ‘em up that draws inspiration from Super Hexagon as your brave little knight batters all manner of mythical monstrosities. The core gameplay of Good Knight is controlled… Continue Reading →

The Gems – Game Jam Build Download

The Gems is a silly, funny and inventive little point and click action adventure where you fight monsters, solve puzzles, talk to animals and help a hippy gather mushrooms as you complete a very important mission. Created by sharpfives for… Continue Reading →

Our Monsters – Alpha Download

Our Monsters is a short narrative based experience that explores the different forms that the many different “monsters” of depression take. Although it afflicts hundreds of millions of people worldwide, there’s still a lot that goes misunderstood about depression and… Continue Reading →

Chalkboard – Prototype Download

Chalkboard is a very stylish little isometric puzzle adventure where you use a magical piece of chalk to draw holes in the chalkboard walls of the environment. Taking place in a beautiful sketch drawing styled world, Chalkboard is a game… Continue Reading →

Gatewalkers – Alpha Sign Up

Gatewalkers is a co-op survival action RPG adventure where players fight their way through different unique procedurally generated worlds to save their own world. Playable with up to four players in co-op, Gatewalkers sees you and the rest of your… Continue Reading →

Mad Experiments: Escape Room – Beta Sign Up

Mad Experiments: Escape Room is a narrative-driven co-operative escape room game where you and up to five other players attempt to break out of a room you’re trapped in. Currently in development by PlayTogether Studio, Mad Experiments: Escape Room is… Continue Reading →

BOMBASTIC – Beta Download

BOMBASTIC is a very well crafted pixel art puzzle platformer where you create chain reactions of explosions to clear all the orange blocks from each level. Currently in development by NOWARE Games, BOMBASTIC is a puzzle platformer where you control… Continue Reading →

DOOMED MODE – Alpha Sign Up

DOOMED MODE is an action packed top-down survival shooter where you attempt to survive on a hostile alien planet that’s swarming with hordes of deadly alien wildlife and killer robots. Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was called… Continue Reading →

Ghost Of Tomorrow – Alpha Download

Ghost Of Tomorrow is a creepy time travelling paranormal adventure where you get a glimpse of a future where you’ve been murdered. In Ghost Of Tomorrow you take on the role of a young woman named Amanda who wakes up… Continue Reading →

At Times Like These, There Is Only One Answer – Game Jam Build

Some games focus on story, giving you loads of dialogue options when it comes to responding to other characters in the game. At Times Like These, There is Only One Answer does what the title says and gives you just… Continue Reading →

Dead Sector – Student Game Download

Dead Sector is a very impressive Dark Souls inspired third person Sci-Fi action adventure set in a dystopian future that’s dependent on mysterious energy cells to survive. Created by a team of five students at HAW Hamburg, Dead Sector is… Continue Reading →

Untarctica – Alpha Demo

Untarctica is a fast-paced non-linear action platforming adventure where you run, jump and shoot your way through a secret Sci-Fi lab, battling bosses and collecting cool new power-ups along the way. In Untarctica you control a nimble little hero with… Continue Reading →

Seclusion – Alpha Demo

Seclusion is a beautiful first person puzzle adventure that draws inspiration from Myst and Riven as you explore a strange world that you were transported to through an old painting. In Seclusion you awaken in a mysterious world after a… Continue Reading →

Color Bound – Game Jam Build Download

Color Bound is a beautifully drawn mini-metroidvania adventure where you help a little robot frog get his colors back and find his way home. Created for Ludum Dare 45, Color Bound is a charming little open world metroidvania where you… Continue Reading →

MONOMYTH – Alpha Sign Up

MONOMYTH looks set to deliver a good old fashioned dungeon crawling action RPG experience that draws inspiration from classics like Arx Fatalis, Ultima Underworld and the King’s Field games. In MONOMYTH you’ll enter the ruins the fortress city of Lysandria… Continue Reading →

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